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I’ve finished this like 2 weeks ago? hehe. Only find the time to make an “informal review” now.

The Historian is about History (isn’t it evident in the title?, lol) with a twist, yeah, so they’re dealing with history which has something to do with Dracula (vampires again).

If you’re a history freak (I sort of like History), I’m sure you’ll learn a lot of facts in this book. Mostly it centers on the Ottoman Empire and its campaign to put an end to Vlad the Impaler’s (he’s Dracula) reign of terror. Also the story takes you to many parts of the world like Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Paris, etc.

However beware ‘coz mostly the story is presented in a narrative form, from the point of view of Paul through his daughter (I sort of confused you there) as they embark on a journey to rescue Professor Rossi (Paul’s mentor) from the hands of evil. If you think of it, it all began when Professor Rossi discovered an ancient old secret, that Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula still lives through the present. Then by some sort of fate, Paul also knew of this and to summarize, something terrible would happen to those who knew of the secret (nothing happened to Paul of course).

Okay back to what I’m saying, since mostly the story’s like retelling events, it somehow gets dragging, ‘coz you’ll just think “When will they stop talking?”. And the book’s like 650 pages. SO can you imagine sitting through that hours reading conversations and all? Well for me, the thing that urged me to finish it is Dracula, I would want to know what’ll happen to him but I was disappointed on how it ended (the Dracula part). I was shocked, ‘coz it doesn’t make sense, it’s as if Dracula doesn’t have this scary power, it’s as if he’s just a human.

But the book’s okay. Like I said it will enrich your history of the Ottoman Empire which is weird ‘coz before I’ve read this book I’ve reported on the Ottoman Empire. haha