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Gyaa!! I’m not a big fan of Kanjani 8, been only interested on them because Ryo’s in that group, and I’ve decided to listen to some of their songs. I’ve listened to Naniwa Iroha Bushi first and I’ve liked it, ‘coz it’s different, then my next faves would be Mugendai, Mamoritai and Heavenly Psycho. I don’t know all their songs, I think I know only 8 songs of them.

Anyway back to the topic. I’ve been having severe LSS from Mamoritai, as in I’m so addicted to it, ‘coz the song’s so beautiful yet sad, and as I was searching for the lyrics a while back, I’ve learned that Tacchon’s the one who sang it, and I was like “Who is Tacchon? (I’ve been hearing it for quite sometime)” Then from searching I’ve learned that it’s Ohkura Tadayoshi. I was so amazed ‘coz he can really sing, and he has this magnificent voice. ‘Coz before I thought that Kanjani 8 has sang it as a group.

It’s an eye opener for me, ‘coz believe it or not I’ve known Ohkura Tadayoshi way before I’ve known Ryo, Pi, Toma and the rest. Back then, all I know is MatsuJun. I’ve bought a dvd of Gokusen, and the seller included aĀ  copy of Cinderella ni Naritai (that was I think 2006), and I’ve asked her who’s the lead guy, and poof it’s Ohkura. So I was wondering, and I’m troubled ‘coz it seems like I’m liking Tacchon now. Uh-Oh. This is bad. LOL.

Here’s a vid of Tacchon singing Mamoritai.

omg. I’ve just cried watching this vid