UWAAA! Just watched it a few minutes ago, and first thought?


OMG! RYO! Really, what’s with the hair? Not only Ryo but also Pi and Koyama. Is there a case of “make my hair curly and wavy crime” lurking around? lol. Just joking.

But honestly I’m distracted by Ryo’s hair. Pi I can tolerate, ‘coz I’ve been seen it for quite sometime, as for Koyama he’s my least favorite of NewS, but Ryo-chan? T_T. I mean, I love him best, and his “Sousuke hair” does not quite make me happy, but his “HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAIR” has startled me. I want Ryo’s old hair back! (hahahahahahahhaha, I’m so so laughing my heart out now).

As for the song and PV, it’s quite okay, though it isn’t that good compared to Summer Time (‘coz I love that song and the PV). Happy Birthday’s concept is more on the childish side (in my opinion only).

Back with their hair (hahaha), arghhh, Shige’s hair looks sort of brownish and his eyebrows too, and Tego’s hair somehow distracts me too, though not as disturbing as Ryo. For this PV, I have to love Massu, ‘coz he’s so “Massu”, hahahhahaha. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a Ryo fan-girl, and I still love NewS, but I can’t stop thinking about their HAIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! lol. anyway, here’s the PV. Happy watching. xp