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awww. it seems that I would be stuck on episode 19 of Fated to Love You.

It looks like the Fan Sub Group who’s subbing FTLY has decided to stop their project. From what I’ve read from their forum, it’s because of some people who are criticizing and judging them. They’ve decided that starting from episodes 20 and up, they’ll only release it via You Tube, but then since last week, their forum/site was unavailable. So I think, there’ll be no more Fated To Love You episodes for me, unless someone with a very good heart tries to sub the remaining episodes.

I’m not angry to the original subbers of FTLY, the truth is I symphatized with them, they’re doing their very best but it just seems that some people don’t appreciate it, which really angers me. Those people (not the fan sub group) are benefiting from the kind hearts of the subbers but they bring them criticisms in return. ARGGGHHH, can’t they see that subbing an episode, is so tedious? what more a series?

GYAAA. The thing is on MySoju, they’ve UL-ed all the episodes of FTLY with subs but the things is, MySoju does not work for me.

I do hope (I know I’m not the only one) that you (I would not mention it’s name) would continue to release FTLY episodes, we’re very much indebted to you. You’re doing  a great job, and you should just ignore those who can’t do better with their lives. And btw, thank you for subbing FTLY.