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yatta! finally, I have a new obsession.

I’m loving an anime – Special A. I’ve tried to watch a few episodes before, but then I suddenly stopped, and last week I found myself dl-ing the episodes that I’ve missed and when I’ve watched it – BOOM – I was hooked.

I really love this anime, super love it. And just to share, I joined an Anime Clan (J. Universe), and the codename that I’ve used is Hikari (she’s the lead in Special A), I chose the name before because I couldn’t think of any names, I didn’t even like Special A back then before, but now that I’m so into this anime, I’ve discovered that Hikari and I share the same birthday (sugoii!), how amazing is that?!

I tell you, you should give this anime a try, the first few episodes isn’t that interesting yet, but as the story goes on, it gets so interesting, and so kilig, haha.

I’m inlove with Kei and Tadashi. lol (see picture above)