what is happening to me?

I don’t know myself. It’s just these days, weeks or a month perhaps, I can’t focus on a single thing.

Notice how I haven’t even posted episode summaries? Nor do I stick on Asian Entertainment that frequently? Am I falling out of love for anything Asian?? I think not. It’s just that there are a lot of distractions. HAHA.

I think I’ll mention it here.

1. Studies – it’s the primary reason I think, school’s a lot of pressure, plus I’m not doing well on higher Calculus, and we’re bombarded with exams for 2 weeks already plus other school stuff.

and would you believe that I’m sort of motivated now to study harder? I want to do well in school, I want to take studying seriously.

2. Laziness – yeah, laziness is taking it’s toll on me. HMMM, instead of watching Dramas, I’d rather eat and sleep and eat and sleep.

3. I want a break – oh my. I feel that I could do better in life if I would take a temporary break from Asian Dramas and fan girling Asian boys. I don’t know but I’m not that thrilled as of the moment with this fandom. HMMM, but it will only be a short break. I’ll be active in more or less a month? I would just want to focus more on reality, on my life, I would want to fix my life, since my life is chaotic as of the present.

OKAY. Don’t get me wrong. I STILL LOVE ASIAN ENTERTAINMENT. I’m just taking a temporary break. But from I’d still be ranting about them from time to time, haha. It’s just that don’t expect more (that is if you’ve found my blog amusing, hehe). (WAIT IS THIS PART OF MATURITY?).

Anyway, besides A.Entertainment there are a lot of things that I’m into now (as you may’ve noticed on my previous post).

* Books – yeah, I’ve been reading a lot. I want to improve my english vocabulary. I gave up watching some stuff just for the sake of reading.

* DBSK – haha, they’re my current target of fan-girling, they’re the hottest asian stars on my list.

* OLYMPICS – woo hoo! I love sports, it’s just that it does not like me back. LOL

* MICHAEL PHELPS – isn’t it obvious. everyone’s so crazy about him but my adoration for him is different. It’s more of respect. 😀 My friend even told me that if only Phelps knew that he has a super fan in the persona of me, he’d be happy. 🙂 In line with it, I’m planning to make a scrapbook of all the news articles about Phelps that I’ve collected on newspapers the past few days. 🙂

* Crunchyroll – hmm, not the videos in it but the avatar thingie. GYAA, I’m so addicted in playing it, I’m currently on Level 5 (yeah pretty slow)

BUT I have a goal now, I want to finish college, I want to study hard so that 4 years from now I could watch the 2012 Beijing Olympics (waa, I need to have money). A big dream, ne?