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Ok this would not be long. BUT I would just want to congratulate Michael Phelps for winning his 8th medal on the Beijing Olympics.

And for that he’s the first person to win 8 gold medals in the same olympic. WEEE, we’ve got history here. I’m so proud of him. I know the world is buzzing about his name, and even the newspapers of today is so full of him.

And I’m almost tempted to buy all the broadsheets with his picture on it, I end up buying 2 broadsheets today (I would want to buy one more, but maybe my friends would think I’m crazy). AWW, today’s race concludes the swimming events. So there would be no more PHELPS events. I haven’t even watch a single event of him on TV (only seen 2 of them on streaming site)

When I’ve arrived home just an hour ago, my mom said that I was so unlucky ‘coz an event of Phelps was shown on TV. Then my dad remarked that “Your Love” has gotten so many medals. AHAHA. Isn’t my family so supportive? rofl


OMG. I think I’d die now. OH MY, PHELPS and EAMON on the same pic?? What the. WOW. over hotness. WAA, Eamon’s so handsome. hahahaha.