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waaa. I’m clearly on Olympic Fever, more so, on Phelps fever. ahaha.

BTW, I’ve been surfing the net for more than 4 hours straight, and guess what I’m looking at? Of course the swimmer guys. hahaha.

And I feel that I should make a list of my favorite swimmers in the olympics (sorry only male swimmers). 😀 But, beware, all I focus on is Phelps, so for it to be fair, I’ve looked onto the other swimmers who has competed well in the olympics, and mind you this isn’t just about their skills, there are well, other factors. ;p


– you shouldn’t be wondering. I’ve loved him since 2004, and he amazes me everytime I see him. And he’s one heck of a swimmer. No words can describe my adoration for him. 🙂 It isn’t just the physical attraction, ‘coz I noticed him first for his skills. 🙂

2. Eamon Sullivan (Australia)

– dang, he’s the hottest swimmer out there. If only I don’t love Phelps with all my heart, I’d be fangirling Eamon. haha. You judge if I’m mistaken here. And he and Stephanie Rice were an item before, but they broke up, such a disappointment since Stephanie’s so pretty and Eamon’s so handsome. Anyway, I’ll do a more intent research on Eamon later, but at least he’s won some medals (though there isn’t any gold).

3. Ryan Lochte

– uh huh, I quite agree with people on the net telling stuff like he resembles a greek god or something, ‘coz he really is. But honestly he should do something with his hair, it just spoils his image. HAHA. Swimming wise, he’s also great (next to Phelps perhaps).

HMMM. That sums up my swimmers list. haha. sorry for being girly and all. It’s a girl’s thing. :). BUT PHELPS is my hero.