greatest olympian ever. Michael Phelps. WOW. 6 golds. 2 more to go. He’s the best. AWWW.

I’ve been spamming about Phelps for almost a week now, and if ever you’re with me these past few days, maybe you’d be bored to death of me constantly mentioning his name. HE’S JUST UNBELIEVABLE, UNSTOPPABLE, all the BLE. haha.


I love the Philippine Daily Inquirer. They’re just great because for the past week their headline/front page pic always feature PHELPS (only exception is last wednesday and today). And who can’t resist to buy a newspaper with a gigantic photo of PHELPS on it?? I who never ever buy broadsheet newspapers, was forced to spend money just to buy each issue with him on it.

And I always do that before class starts, so that when I arrived at the room I would boast of him to my friends. HAHAHA. I swear I would do a collage of him during the Beijing Olympics.

Sorry for being so crazy ’bout him, but I haven’t even seen him on tv swimming, I’m television deprived for the past few days, and even if I’m at home, it would be very lucky to see him on TV. But then my mom and brother told me a while ago that they’ve seen him swim just a few days ago (and then my brother told my mom that Phelps is my crush). SO I DO HOPE THAT I COULD SEE HIM SWIM TOMORROW.


GYAAA, since I’ve been reading Swimming results on the newspaper, I’ve noticed Stephanie Rice, she’s an australian swimmer and she has won 3 golds. AND OMG, I’ve found out that I’m not the only one thinking that she and Phelps can be a pair. Stephanie’s so beautiful plus she’s a very good swimmer. If ever they would have a child, I think that child would be the fastest swimmer ever. lol lol.

BUT I don’t like Phelps and Rice together. BECAUSE PHELPS is mine! nyahahahahahahhahaha.  I repeat Phelps is mine. Okay I gotta stop this epidemic that’s devouring my mental state like crazy. hahaha