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With my eyes all tired, I’ve finally finished Breaking Dawn. (After days and hours of endlessly staring at the monitor)

I do want to talk a lot but knowing that everyone may hate spoilers, I’ll not be giving away vital informations or such.

BUT OMG, I don’t know how to feel precisely at the moment. Should I feel happy, sad or disappointed? Well not that disappointed in the negative way but that last obstacle to the story was just like “What the?”, I was expecting for action (my breath was caught on hold due to the tension), yeah I think I would want to see them in action and not just talking but I guess it is the author’s way of ending things.

Come to think of it, I haven’t thought much on how Breaking Dawn would turn out, all I know is that it will center on whether Bella would be a vampire and whether Edward and her would be married, I thought it will end at that, basically I’m wrong ‘coz the story just started there (I think I’m still on safe grounds here).

And I remember I’ve done a Twilight survey just days ago and I’ve clearly stated that I don’t like Jacob that much nor do werewolves but in Breaking Dawn I have really appreciated them – not all of them but at least I like some. What I mean is Seth, he’s just adorable right? He’s my favorite werewolf of all time. As for Jacob, I pity him, honestly, especially during the first part when he was dancing with Bella (oopss), I felt that love’s unfair but then I think he’s happy wherever he is now. 🙂

And Edward, I still love him above all. HaHa. It’s because he’s Edward. xP I also love the Jacob – Rosalie trading insults thing, harhar, and Emmett he’s still hilarious despite the ferociousness. And Bella, I’m so happy that she has sort of “fixed her feelings”, I’m now less annoyed at her.

Sorry for the long rant/reaction, I hope I didn’t mention something that may spoil you (in fact I didn’t even brought the central idea to the story). I guess the Twilight Saga has finally closed its chapters, and it has left us all contented (I hope). Still, Twilight’s my most favorite book of the four though I know I’ll love Midnight Sun more.

And the movie in December – that I definitely can’t wait.

So I think that’s it for my reactions to the Twilight Saga. Just want to say Kudos to Ms. Stephenie Meyer for writing a superb story.