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11:13 pm; August 4, 2008, boarding house.
Somebody stop me. Literally. OMG, I think I’m addicted to DBSK’s Begin.

“Everyday and night with you
chiisana kimi no te wo nigirishimerukara
Everyday, everynight, everywhere…..
GYAAAAAA! I mean it, this song’s constantly playing on my mind. And the faces of Hero, Changmin and Micky’s always appearing on my head. This is obsessive addiction na.

LSS: Begin. Number of times playing for the past two hours: 12 (excluding the times were in I’ve only listened to a portion)

Everyday and night with you!!!!!!!!!! – Got to admit that Hero’s voice is  amazing on the chorus part. WAAA I can’t get enough of the song!

The MV’s great. SHOOT, they look good in white, and Changmin – the face of an angel. And also the part where in Hero’s face is focused when he sings the chorus part is unforgettable.

Gotta stop now, I should sleep! still has a class tomorrow.

*blames self for noticing DBSK only now*

I swear I would watch all things related to DBSK after my midterm examinations. LOL

I WANNA SCREAM!!!!! DBSK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!