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okay I’m spamming here. I have found another obsession, another target of m fangirling syndrome. This has started last week but it has intensified now.

I’M INTO DBSK/TVXQ. Sheez. I’m currently watching their MV’s, and I’m loving their songs (especially the ballad ones.)

Actually I’ve heard their name before, but that was all to it, I first saw them last March on their MV choosey lover but I wasn’t attracted then.

However, I don’t know why I suddenly get curious by them and it started my craze.

Just tonight, I’ve watched 4 MV’s of theirs (there’s more to come). I have my favorites, Begin, Believe, Forever Love and Choosey Lover.

As for my most love, I can’t choose between Micky and Changmin. GYAAA! Micky is the first one that I’ve noticed in DBSK and then Changmin came into the picture. But Micky’s amazing (apparently english speaking asian is a weakness of mine). WAAA, I guess I need to watch some other performances of them, then I’ll decide.

I’m currently researching on their whereabouts, haha, so everyone be prepared if ever I’ll be screaming DBSK on the days to come

(I should be reviewing for my test in calculus, but here I am spamming)