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Starting in October
Friday 10 PM at TBS
Ryusei no Kizuna” by Higashi no Keigo, Script by Kudo kankuro
Nino chan as Older Brother Koichi,
Nishikido kun as younger brother, Taisuke,
Toda Erika chan as younger sister , Shizuna
It’s a story about two brothers and a sister whom parents were murdered at the night they went to see meteor shower.
They spent their childhood at foster care and being cheated so many times.
They grew up and became frauds to live strongly and deceive rich men.
One day they discovers the man considered to be a killer and they carry out a revenge plan.
credits to kikinini@vox
Yey! another Ryo chan drama, but notice how his roles are getting on the bad side of things?? haha. Anyway, I still love him, and yatta! it’s with Nino kun.
How I wish Ryo, Pi and Toma would be in a drama, that would be heaven. ^^