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I’ve been wanting to read this book since February, gladly yesterday, my circle of book friends (just joking they’re my high school friends) and I have met, and one of them lend me a copy of hers (we have this hobby of exchanging books, only I don’t buy books, so I always borrow theirs).

I will be straight to the point, I’ve really thought that I would find this book fabulous but then it turns out that it didn’t quite reached my expectations. Hmm, if ever you still don’t know I like stories about this “cool” guy falling for a normal girl, etc.

In bloom it was sort of like that but, it was presented at the start of the story, meaning Lauren (the protagonist) already has the hottest boyfriend (Dave) in school but then because of the arrival of Evan Kirkland, she somehow felt that having Dave as the perfect boyfriend isn’t the most wonderful feeling, and whilst she’s with Evan, she feels butterflies in her stomach and she can be herself. Ok, I have no objections there.

Hmm, I know that Bloom was perfectly written but it just isn’t my kind of story. I’m so irritated of Lauren’s indecisiveness, I mean having two men at the same time? And not to mention that these men have great characters. OHHH, she sure is lucky. And there are even parts in the book that mentions Lauren reading books about cool guy falling for normal girls (who then turns to be brainy, etc.) and how she sees them as unrealistic. That’s basically what I’m feeling right now. (oh I know these things seldom exists, but still)

Oh, forgive me for my rant. And I know that I’m not making sense here. But to summarize, Bloom’s still worth my time, it’s just that I think I’ve had my hopes high when I started reading this. Yet I think it’s different for every person who has read this, my friends love this book.