I will not be making summaries here, just my reaction on the episodes (there’s someone who’s making it already and it’s great).

I have only dl-ed up to episode 3, and have just finished watching episode 3.

The story’s definitely improving, I like every bit of it.

And I was crying at the part where in they sort of almost aborted the baby. Is abortion legal in Taiwan??

I love Cun Xi’s grandma, haha, reminds me of Zhi Shu’s mother, in fact she’s more persistent and loud.

WAAAA, I want to watch episode 4 and above!! when will I finish dl-ing it? (currently dl-ing TKA episode 11)

AND CONGRATULATIONS TO FTLY, it has achieved the 10% ratings mark, which makes it the #1 highest rating show in taiwan, wow. That’s really great.

[Episode 4]

wahahaha. I knew it, Cun Xi’s grannie plus Xin Yi’s mom would make a great tandem. HAHAHAHA. All that blackmailing has paid off. GYAAAA, I can’t watch episode 5 just yet, the connection’s so slow. T_T