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Are you a Filipino? Do you love It Started with A Kiss, do you want to watch They Kiss Again? (its sequel)

Ok. here’s what’s happening, ABS-CBN is planning to air TKA on July 28, 2008, probably as a replacement to Romantic Princess. But fans are demanding to put TKA on primetime para lahat naman makapanood.

If you want to see TKA on primetime, sign up for this petition


[My Personal Note]

Hmmm, for me, it does not matter whether TKA will be aired on RP’s slot or on primetime since I’m in the boarding house during weekdays and there’s no television. BUT I would want to see They Kiss Again in Primetime, because I know that TKA’s worth the time and slot. Honestly I was disappointed when ABS aired ISWAK during weekends before, sayang kasi yung series, siguro siya na yung isa sa dalawang pinakabest na taiwanese series for me.

I’m still on episode 9 of TKA, IFS has only released up to episode 9 but I’m not in a hurry, but still there’s this part of me that envy you, whoever you are, that would be able to watch TKA on Philippine Television. They should have shown this during the summer break. Life’s unfair. 😦

AGAIN, Please do sign up for the petition, we only have a week??? BTW, TKA’s group on multiply is the one who has launched this campaign. 🙂