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Last Friends have already ended in Japan, but my summary is still on episode 6. Sorry everyone, I have been sort of neglecting DL-ing Last Friends, I only have up to episode 7 on my laptop. But hopefully, I would be able to finish this. 🙂

Following from where episode 5 ended, Michiru hearing of Sousuke’s warning that he would kill his self, immediately went home. Takeru and Eri asked Ruka if she would not stop her, she replied that if it’s what Michiru wants, let her be, she could not do anything about it.

By the time Michiru reached Sousuke’s place, she has found him asleep, as she was about to approached him, he opened his eyes. He asked her to give him her cellphone because he’s going to buy her a new one.

The scene then showed Michiru’s school album being burned by Souske. He told her that she only belongs to him and they should live together – just the two of them.

Ruka has let herself be drunk, causing Eri and Takeru to bring her home. When they’ve arrived, they were startled to see the lights on, then they saw Ogurin. He asked them if it’s okay for him to stay there again. They asked him if he’ll separate from his wife, he answered not yet. This has aggravated Ruka, Ruka told him that he should also consider Eri’s feelings, etc. Eri stopped them, and told them that she’s okay with Ogurin staying there.

While they were playing cards, they have wondered how Michiru’s doing (Ruka’s pretending to not care), because they have tried to call her, but the phone’s always disconnected.

The day after, Takeru decided to go to Michiru’s workplace. The people there told him that Michiru has already quitted her job. He tried Michiru/Sousuke’s place. He tried the doorbell, but no one’s answering, he was surprised to see that the door isn’t locked. When he entered, he saw Michiru, but when he saw her face to face, he was shocked to see her sporting a bandage over her left eye.

Takeru invited her to a restaurant. He asked her what she does everyday, she said all the stuff one does at home. She also added that Sousuke has the habit of calling their home phone every 2 hours, so if she didn’t leave that moment, Sousuke might found out that she isn’t at home. Takeru told her that it’s okay, he has confirmed that Sousuke’s at work. He asked her what happened to her eye (at the same time he took the plaster off, revealing a heavily bruised eye), she said that it’s because once she has come home late shopping for dinner (sousuke’s too much. o.O). Takeru told her to just leave him and come back to the share house. She answered that she can’t, since it will be a bother to the others. Then Sousuke called her. He asked where is she, since he tried calling home but no one’s answering. Michiru lied that she was out throwing the garbage, and she would come back soon. What she didn’t know is that that instant, Sousuke’s at home.

Takeru tried to convinve Michiru to come back to them because it’s obvious that Sousuke hasn’t changed. As they were crossing the street, Takeru saw Sousuke crossing the other side, he instantly grabbed Michiru’s hand and they went for a Taxi. Sousuke caught a glimpse of them, and was already by the Taxi’s side. He tried to call for Michiru but the Taxi sped off.

Takeru brought Michiru to the bar that he works in. He told her that she could spend the night there and that by tomorrow he would bring her to the hospital to have an evidence of Sousuke’s abuse. She asked him to not tell Ruka about what happened.

Once again, Ruka has went to the doctor. The doctor asked her if she has already told her family about her decision/dilemma, she told him she hasn’t because she doesn’t want to hurt them. The doctor suggested that she should at least tell her bestfriend.

Takeru was at home when the phone rang, it was from his sister (he looks scared/terrified when he have learned that it was her. Ruka arrived and was surprised to see his bothered expression. She was about to talk to him about her problem but was able to stop herself.

The following day, Takeru has brought Michiru to the hospital. When he was outside the sharehouse, he was greeted by Sousuke demanding him to reveal where he’s hiding Michiru. Takeru told him that he would never hand Michiru to him, and if ever he would be persistent, he would report him to the police.

After Michiru’s eye has healed, Takeru decided that it’s the time for her to go back to the sharehouse. When Takeru entered the house, he has found the three (Ruka, Eri and Ogurin) sitting on the couch. He then presented Michiru and told them of her situation. The two were happy but Ruka remained quiet. Michiru asked her if it’s okay that she stays, she answered yes. After which she told them that she’s going to sleep. The following morning, Ruka’s still cold towards Michiru (she skipped breakfast). As Ruka was making her way out, Eri accompanied her and tried to talk about Michiru and Ruka’s indiffirence to her. Eri told Ruka that “it” only shows that she (Ruka) truly cares about Michiru.

Ruka received a phonecall from Takeru asking her to fix his bike. When she arrived at the park (meeting place), she’s surprised to see Michiru with Takeru. He asked Ruka to fix the bike (the kind which can accomodate 2 persons). He asked her if she could test it, and when she does, Michiru was already sitted on the other part. They pedaled their way through the park racing after Takeru, at the same time having the fun of their lives. It then focused on Ruka’s thought, she told herself that the reason why she can’t look at Michiru is because she wants to look at her forever, and the reason why she isn’t nice to her is because she’s scared that she might lose her. Their topic then shifted to Sousuke. Michiru was telling them that whenever she’s with him, she feels like losing herself. That she’s put Sousuke before herself. She also said that there’s one thing that she hated till the end, it’s the bad things that Sousuke speaks about Ruka. Ruka asked her what things, Michiru answered that stuff like Ruka’s not a girl. There was a silence after this sentence, then Takeru just laughed it off.

In a scene, it showed Sousuke stalking Ruka’s parents house.

Ruka visited her mother because it’s mother’s day. She gave her a rose, and once inside the house, she felt that her parents are hiding something from her. Her little brother told her of the weird mails that has been coming on their mail box, and let her read a sample. Basically the letter tells something about Ruka’s gender issues. Ruka immediately confronted her parents and told them that there’s nothing to worry about, the letter isn’t true and it’s just a work of someone who’s jealous of what she have achieved (in motor cross).

Ruka went home (sharehouse), and there she was welcomed by Michiru. Michiru offered her coffee but she declined telling her that she’s going to bed. Apparently Michiru got the idea and was depressed, she was in this state when Takeru arrived. He sensed her problem and asked her what happened. She told him that she’s feeling lonely and she’s feeling that staying in that house is a mistake since it seems that Ruka hasn’t forgiven her yet. She also said stuff like sometimes she doesn’t understand Ruka, that as if there’s a wall between them. Michiru excused herself, what the two of them did not know is that Ruka has heard heir conversation. Takeru saw Ruka. She said that she’s going for a walk. Takeru followed her. Ruka was about to tell him “her secret” but Takeru said that he would first tell her his. (I’m not going to tell the exact words) He told her that he loves her, of course making Ruka speechless (not from happiness that is).

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WAAAA, sorry for the not so good summary, and for the grammatical errors, and for the delay. I don’t know why but because of my school life, I can’t find the right time to do things that I enjoy (like watching jdramas, etc.). My life’s in a mess, school’s causing too much stress especially Calculus. Arrghh.

And there would be no screen caps. Maybe I could add it up later.