Ms. Venezuela did.

Ahaha. Just watched Ms. Universe on TV. And just like before, I was disappointed that Ms. Philippines didn’t make the cut. I have nothing against Ms. Venezuela, she’s fit to have the title (though I prefer Ms. Colombia more) but I just wished Ms. Philippines made it even in the top 15.

Argghh. Reminds me, did you know that I never fail to watch Ms. Universe, the only time I do is when it’s aired when I have classes. But here’s the revelation, when I was young, my dream is to become a contestant of it. HAHAHA. Evidently it will only be a dream. ROFL.

I just noticed that it’s always the same countries that make it to the top 15. Hmmm, there’s a sure slot for 5 countries, will not mention it. I know you know who they are.

Power countries nga naman oh. tsk tsk.

BTW, I do love Ms. Thailand’s National Costume, so cute. 😀