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I think I’m inlove with Calvin. Seriously, I know I’ve been over hyper yesterday night at seeing Calvin and Wu Zun but OMG watching him speak english in ASAP is like “the ultimate bomb”, I think his english’s better than chun’s.

Mabuhey!” lol. and “mahal ko kayo

– asian artists always say that, but I never grew tired of hearing it.

And though they’ve sang Xin Wo again, I’ll never be bored by it.

I’ve waited 3 hours just to see them, and they’ve been on stage for like 4-5 mins? My mom said that I’m so loka na. haha. gosh, I’m a mad fan-girl. Will watch the buzz later.


PLEASE AIR PROPOSAL DAISAKUSEN NOW! AND PLEASE BRING YAMAPI and the rest of NEWS here in the Philippines! Parang awa niyo na, at least siguro pag sa inyo inair yan madadala niyo si Yamapi dito, sige kahit siya na lang. ONEGAI! I think I’d die if I see Pi on TV.