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O-M-G. As in O-M-G

I know I’ve told people a lot of times that I don’t like Wu Zun anymore, but omg, I’ve just seen them on Pinoy Dream Academy (just a few minutes ago), and they were singing Xin Wo, and omg, gyaaaaa ~ I’ll make an exception, I like Wu Zun because he’s here in my country plus he made an effort to speak in Tagalog.

I like Calvin more, omg, calvin’s so handsome. CALVIN!

And they can speak english, however I thought Chun’s english would be more fluent.

Whatever. Calvin and Chun, you should stay a little bit longer here, and I wish Jiro and Aaron’s with you. 🙂

My mom has heard me screaming and she was like “who’s on tv?!!!, why are you screaming that loud?”

I told her “Ma, that guy’s so gorgeous!” wahahhahaha.

Even my godchild has come to our house (‘coz of my fit). My mom told her that I was crazy. LOL