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*cries.* omg, i think I’ve cried all throughout the film. A very beautiful movie.

Have watched this a few hours back at CCP. My professor in MPs 10 has required us to watch this. I’ve asked my friends to accompany me to watch this but sadly they’re all busy, so my mom went with me.


100 chronicles the last three months of a cancer stricken woman who has a list of things to do before she dies. Her list of tasks, mostly closures and practical undertakings, expands to the worldly and the spiritual as people close to her share her last days. The film examines the betrayal of the body, celebrates the senses and contemplates the end of life and how to live it. A light-hearted, briskly paced, youthful take on a classic subject, 100 stars Mylene Dizon, Eugene Domingo, Tessie Tomas, TJ Trinidad, Ryan Eigenmann, Simon Ibarra, and others. Under the creative supervision of Marlon Rivera, 100 is written and directed by Chris Martinez. (source: PEP)

My Review

~ I’ve just realized that I haven’t watched a Filipino film for a long time, for years perhaps. This is my first attempt on an independent film, and if not for my prof who has required us to watch this I would have never watch this.

But. The film’s brilliant. After the last scene, everybody in the theatre clapped. The story’s so touching. For the first time I’ve seen our film industry in a new light. As in I was amazed at the director for writing and directing 100.

The casts were superb. The story’s sad yet it’s so funny. As I’ve said at the beginning, I was crying really hard, even my mom admitted that she cried. And I know almost everyone in the theatre cried.

I was glad that I was able to watch it with my mom because the film sort of revolves around mother-daughter relationship (okay, not all).

You know what? If ever you have a free time, I recommend that you SEE THIS! This is life-altering. Gyaaa, I think I’m inlove with the film. For screening schedules, just comment on this post. ahaha

By the way, 100 is just one of the ten full-length films competing in the 2008 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

Way to go Philippine Indie Films!

Watch 100 everone!. 🙂

rating: 15/10

note: and i think there are entries made by UP students as well. (i think there are 3 of them)