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I’ve  watched Zettai Kareshi’s final episode last midnight (thank goodness there’s this seeder who’s so generous). My mom was beside me sleeping so I was really careful not to wake her up.

And you know what, I’m definitely sure that I’ve cried harder than Riiko did. It has lead me to the point that I’ve found it difficult to breath (breathing through my mouth). I almost thought I’d die from suffocation. Darn, why does it have to end that way. I started to cry at the start through the end. I’m a loser for dramatic stories, I cry easily.

I love Zettai Kareshi, and also that last scene where in Night was focused on the camera with the shawl and the clover. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

will post my review of the series later.


Sorry for not yet posting the remaining episode summaries, I’m still working on it, usually I’m doing the summary after every episode that I’ve watched but something urged me to watch ZK straight.