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If you’re a NewS fan you must have definitely heard of Ai Nante. Such a beautiful song isn’t it??

Hmm, just a few hours back, while I was lurking NewS community on LJ, I’ve came with a post stating that Ai Nante has been covered by the winner of a German Idol contest (American Idol counterpart?). Ok, the fact who covers who is still a question.

But basically they have the same music and tone, but different lyrics. The German Singer is Thomas Godoj and the title of his song is “I don’t feel the same”. His version’s good but being the NewS fan that I am, I’d still go for RyoTegoShige’s. lol

I’d posted the song on my multipy blog, just click the link below, I don’t know if it’s downloadable there, I wish it is, just tell me if you want me to UL it somewhere. 😀 ).

I Don’t Feel the Same on my multiply

 credits to eska1306 @ lj for UL-ing the song. ^^


I’ve uploaded the song on 4shared. Here’s the link:


note: argggghhh, I am so pissed right now. Why are there people who are so narrow minded? YOU there below, I would wholeheartedly accept your comment if you said it courteously, but who are you to call me STUPID?! You don’t even know me. After reading your comment, I tried to read my post a lot of times, but I still feel that what I have written was not offending in any sort, and that I am not trying to stir any issues here, what I wrote was my feelings at that time, and sorry if it seems that I did not do my research, I must admit that at that time, I was certainly a noob about JPOP music and the thing about german composers, etc.

I am a person of great patience, I don’t get angry easily but YOU, whoever you are just made me lose my temper, that I am even bothering to post my feelings here.

To everyone, if ever you have any problem with my post, just tell me, but please do it nicely, I can accept people criticizing me, but please do it in a nice way. THANKS =)