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I happened to watch a part of the HYD Special, where Arashi was singing HYD’s OST (Wish, Love So Sweet) and One Love.

It had made me realize that I miss HYD so bad, though our local television is replaying the series, but for me who has watched it on dvd (way before almost anyone else did, before our local tv broadcasted it), it brings back the memories of when I was so crazy about it, the time when I can’t sleep thinking of Tsukasa (yes it happened).

Though I’m not a big fan of Matsujun that much (I was once before), but I really like to see him act. I love him as an actor, I love him as Tsukasa, he’s this brat, and seeing the cast reunite at that stage (talking about the special) I’m very happy. And Shun’s back to his HYD hair! yey, I didn’t like his hair in Hana Kimi, so I think I’m happy now.

And the best part about the SP? I’d seen Jun/Tsukasa topless!!!! omg, i feel I’m going to faint, I would want to watch the movie so bad!!!! Tsukasa! OK, gotta download that special now, will provide screen caps later. BTW, I love it when Jun makes that L sign, haha, so childish but cute. 😀