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Koizora (Sky of love) deals with Mika (Aragaki Yui) and her life through high school. It all started when she had lost her phone, and it was accidentally found by Hiro (Miura Haruma), though Mika doesn’t know it yet. After her phone was mysteriously returned, she had received calls from Hiro (again she doesn’t know that it’s him). That started their attachment to each other. It all changed when she knew that Hiro’s the one who’s found her phone (‘coz hiro’s hair is white, and he has this air around him that spells trouble).

Luckily, she has found out the other side to Hiro, and this has started their love for each other. However, their love will be put to the test. I would not elaborate more, just watch it. ^^

My Review

Have watched this because sis Cindy recommended it. We were talking about Pi’s Code Blue, when Aragaki’s name was brought up. It ended with how she’s popular in Japan nowadays because of the success of Koizora (I have watched her in My Boss, My Hero and Dragon Zakura).

And then I got curious. I searched the title and found out that Miura Haruma’s also there. I’ve known him from Gokusen 3, he’s cute but he’s way cuter in Koizora.

Now, back to my review. Acting wise, there’s still room for improvement. It would be nice if Gakki would exert more effort into showing her emotions, so that the audience can fully feel the depth of the scene, the same goes for Haruma. It’s kind of understandable since they’re still sort of new to the acting business. Overall, their portrayals of Mika and Hiro are okay/good. Gakki looks cute, innocent and beautiful at the same time while Haruma is your typical rebel guy.

Storywise, hmm, from the start I already got the feeling that someone would die (sorry if I’ve spoiled you), better to say, I know who would die, but that didn’t stop me from watching it. The story’s not new, since there are lots of movies out there involving deaths, etc. What have made me appreciate this is perhaps my teenage heart. I could understand well what those two are going through, from being inlove to sacrificing one’s happiness for the other.

What irritated me most is Hiro’s attitude. Arggghh, he could just say it to her, why does he have to be all heroic. Therefore the result had been bad. huhu. I don’t hate Hiro, but his character reflects most of the characters that I’ve seen in movies/dramas, sacrificing for your love one even if it’s hurting you. sheez. Poor him.

To conclude (putting beside what I’ve said above), Koizora’s a nice movie. It has made me kilig(what’s the english term for kilig?) and cry, especially at the end, my tears won’t stop. And I think I’m liking Haruma now, I like him with his hair white, I wish he would look like that in Gokusen 3, haha. And as for the upcoming drama version and its actors, I can’t say anything, since Haruma would be the only Hiro in my eye, same goes for Gakki. 😀 For all of you hopeless romantics out there, try this (if ever you haven’t)