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Sorry for the delay. Anyway, I tell you, I think this is my most favorite episode of Zettai Kareshi. It has made me laugh and cry at the same time. I was watching this at like 12 mn? and my mom was sleeping beside me, so I was so cautious not to wake her up. Okay here goes the summary.

When Riiko has sort of collapsed, Soshi hug her. It remained that way for a moment, then Riiko break free from it. There was a moment of awkwardness. Soshi tried to say things like, Riiko should get some iron so that she’ll be healthier. After a minute or two, Soshi bade his farewell telling her that they’ll see each other the day after.

At the lab, Night was being monitored. Namikiri was shown fixing Night’s program while being watched by the chief, then he said that Night was back to normal. The chief said that it should be that way, because a robot with his own feelings is like a dog that has lost his loyalty. And that a robot that possesses emotions, intelligence, consciousness, and ego is a broken and defective merchandise. The chief ordered Namikiri to deliver daily reports of Night to him. After the chief has left, it was shown that Namikiri only pretended that Night’s really fix. The truth is he doesn’t know what’s wrong with Night. He then asked Night if something has changed, his reply was there wasn’t any, but instead he told him that whenever he sees Riiko, it makes him happy, and he will do all his best to make her happy (Namikiri was shocked to hear him say that)

Riiko was bothered by what happened earlier, so she sought Mika’s advised. She asked her the meaning if a man suddenly hugs you. Mika asked if it was Night, Riiko said no, she then asked if it’s the Chief (Soshi), Mika also replied he’s not. Then Mika asked her if she likes Night, she said no, Mika added that then she (Mika) should like Night, Riiko disagreed (‘coz Night’s a robot that is).

Night suddenly appeared in fron of them riding on a skate board with lots of flowers in his hands. He offered it to Riiko, just then a child looks their way and Night offered her some of the flowers, the rest of the children rushed into Night, and he has also given them flowers. 🙂

At home, Riiko’s land lady suddenly comes into her home, with a pot of food (super spicy). After eating, the landlady asked Night if he was feeling hot, if he is then he should take off his shirt, he replied that he’s okay. The landlady, defeated, suddenly grabbed a pastry magazine and asked the two to point on to the pastry that they like, after each question, Riiko and Night’s always pointing to the same one, the landlady, desperated, kind of hold into Night’s finger (perverted lady, lol).

On their way to the office, the two sees Soshi walking, Soshi told Riiko that he would make a formal request for her to join the Bruno International Pastry Competition, and she should think of a pastry to do with the cream (carrot).

When Soshi entered the office, he saw his father and brother. He told them of his plan to let Riiko join. His brother disagreed and told him that a company is only allowed to let a single participant represent them. Their father told them that he would allow Soshi’s request, and that he will decide after a competition (between Soshi and his brother) who’ll represent Asamoto.

At their work, Soshi told Riiko (through whispered words?) about what happened, Night acted as an interpreter (lol). Then, a lady appeared, she greeted Soshi, which made him surprised. Her name’s Natsumi, and they’ve learned soon after that she’s a rising pattisier. They’ve asked her her relationship with Soshi and she told them that she’s his ex. Night has interpreted her name as “motokano” (a short term for ex – girlfriend in Japan).

Riiko followed Natsumi (soshi’s ex) and Soshi in the coffee house, what she didn’t know is Night’s also following her, which made her shocked, and therefore revealing their presence to Soshi. Natsumi asked who they were. Soshi replied that “just some girl who works for me and her boyfriend.” Night introduced himself, and soon after he goes on to tell her of his love for Riiko. lol. Natsumi complemented Night’s and Riiko’s relationship, while Night has done the same thing. All the while Soshi looks kinda jealous. :))

While at the club, Riiko’s thinking about Soshi and his ex. Fujiko noticed Riiko’s problem so she decided to call Night (“ideal boyfriend, your ideal girlfriend is down”). Night instantly come to her side. Fujiko lets the two of them go, telling them to have a date. Night carried Riiko (“bridal style”), she grabbed Night’s ear, and Fujiko noticed a bar code on his ear. o.O

They tried bowling. Riiko can’t even strike a single pin. Night on the other hand, has striked all his pins, and has gain the admiration of all the women in the bowling center. 😀 At home,Riiko was thinking of ideas on what pastry to make, Night came to her side topless, asking her if he’s sexy, she absent mindedly answered yes. She then saw the article about Natsumi on the magazine, and has tried to dress beautifully, Night has said that she looked sexy too, but Riiko’s still not in the mood.

Riiko hasn’t yet made a delicious pastry, she then said to Soshi that Natsumi’s beautiful and is a gifted pattisier, Soshi told her that Natsumi’s her rival, he then told her of his father’s condition (I’ve mentioned it above). Riiko was disheartened, Soshi told her that it doesn’t matter who she’s up against, what’s important is for her to make a delicious cake.

Meanwhile Fujiko’s starting to have a hint on Night’s identity.

Riiko still hasn’t progressed on her pastry. But Night’s aways there giving her moral support. 😀 However, Night’s persistent cheering has pissed Riiko off, she told him that if he wants to help, he shouldn’t do anything. And because of what she said, everytime Night would see Riiko, instead of going to her, he stops himself. Namikiri said that now, Night’s program and his awakened consciousness coexists, but Night’s not aware of it himself, because he sees it as a program.

Riiko and Soshi were surprised when Natsumi visited them. She gave them a container with their cream on it, telling them that someone send it to her for reference. She said that someone maybe playing a prank on them, but she didn’t try the cream because she only makes her own desserts. Night arrived, holding a fish. He said that he’d catched it (dived for it) and he’ll make them dinner. While Night’s making dinner, it was sort of mentioned about Night living in riiko’s house (w/c makes Soshi jealous again??).

On their way home, Riiko told Night that he shouldn’t show off that much. Surely she somewhat appreciated it but Night should know his place. Namikiri appeared in front of them telling her that it’s for maintenace. Night asked Namikiri (Riiko isn’t there) what he should do for Riiko, because there are times when he does not know what to do for her (he was telling this with a sad expression on his face).

Riiko went to Fujiko’s club, because of too much exhaustion, she collapsed. She was brought to the hospital, and was diagnosed to be anemic. Night looks at her sleeping form, and was supposed to come closer at her but stopped, he asked himself why hadn’t he noticed it. He sat outside of the room, and there he recharged himself, it so happens that a nurse saw him, and she thought something bad has happened to him because he doesn’t have a pulse and a heartbeat (instead the sound produced was a mechanical one.) Night’s fully recharged so he went out of the room (w/o the nurse noticing). Meanwhile Fujiko saw what happened and this further confused her.

While walking home from the hospital, Riiko talks about her childhood memories, and how she loves it, she then asked Night if he doesn’t have any childhood memories, and he said he doesn’t, he doesn’t even understand how it feels like to have one.

At the office, Soshi handed Riiko a draft/plan of how their cake would look like, she said that it might work and she’ll do it. At the club, Fujiko asked Night to fix the light bulb, while doing so, she asked about the barcode sticker on the back of his ear, Night said that it is indeed a BC sticker, and it once it is scanned through the reader, it allows him to be connected to the main PC. Fujiko laughed it off saying that he isn’s a robot, Night replied that he is a ROBOT, and he bade his farewell.

At home, Riiko has finally done the perfect pastry, she happily told it to Night. She then prepared a sample to let Soshi taste, but as she went to the office, she saw Natsumi offering Soshi a sample of her work. He tasted it and said it was good, and in comparison to their work (Riiko’s), theirs is still at an amateur level. (This has made Riiko sad) Natsumi admitted that she still likes Soshi. At tis point, Riiko, who’s outside the door, accidentally et go of the knob, therefore producing a sound that alerted the people inside. She went in and told them that she also thinks that Natsumi’s work should be the one picked for the competition and that she’s withdrawing, after that she left.

On her way out, Riiko bumped into Mika. Mika’s things fell, and Riiko saw the draft that Soshi has made. Riiko asked her if she’s the one who’s given Natsumi their cream, she said yes. Riiko asked why, her reply was because she hates her. She hates her for making a fool of her (the thing with her liking Night, the chief, etc.)

Soshi told Natsumi that he doen’t feel the same way as she did. Natsumi told him that she understands and that she knows that Soshi likes Riiko. Soshi rushed outside to look for her (Riiko).

While making her way out, Riiko sees Night waiting for her, with a basket of roses and a greetings congratulating her for becoming a pattisier. He noticed the sadness on her face, and asked what’s wrong. Riiko handed him the samples that she made, telling him that she doesn’t need it and if he could throw it away. She told him that she isn’t entering the competition and to please leave her alone, she left.

Soshi tried to call Riiko but she does not want to answer it. She decided to take off the sticker on her phone (for those who doesn’t know, i think it symbolizes her love/like for Soshi). On her way home, she sees the children (the same ones as the flower day) eating the cake that she has made. Their teacher thanked her, and told her that the flower man has brought it. The children were all so happy at the cake telling her that it’s delicious. Riiko was touched at the scene before her.

She immediately rushed home looking for Night, he welcomed her holding a platter of her favorite rice omelet. With tears in her eyes she told Night of how happy the children were. She asked Night why is he so kind, he told him that because he’s her ideal lover. Riiko said that he’s only saying that because he’s programmed to. Night told her that now, he also has his memories. Meeting her, walking together with her, eating with her, sseing her face when she’s asleep, hearing her laughter. Riiko hugged him and cried. This was the scene that Soshi has witnessed.

Night hugged her back, with a touch of tenderness and love on his face. From the observation center, Namikiri looks at the computer showing Night’s bracelet/data giving a radiating pink color. What he does not know is that the chief is looking at it from the door.


Jeez. I’m crying again, the ending part really touches my heart. Night’s so loveable isn’t he? I already have the next 2 episodes on my laptop, but I guess summaries of that would come until next week? Oh my, the end is near. HAHA, I’ve noticed I’ve made a pretty long summary this time, probably because I really like this episode. lol