Oh my, I feel I’m going back in time. I suddenly realized that I miss A1. haha, you may say that I’m corny and all, but A1’s the first boyband that I’ve truly loved. As in before, they had become a part of my everyday life.

I was trying to search an old song of theirs, but I can’t find a site where I can DL it, so I just watched it on youtube. Anyway here’s the lyrics of Living the Dream (one of my favorite songs)

Where have you been all of my life?
Where have you come from, is this your first time too?
It’s like I’ve known you in some other lifetime
We’re part of a great plan, I know I know I’ve got mine.

I stood here watchin while it only ever happened to friends
now I don’t have to pretend

Ohhh whoa whoa

I can’t believe we’re living the dream
We’re diggin that scene
We finally made it through the fire
Something ’bout you blows me away
Like night over day
We’re kissing the loneliness goodbye yeah
True Love True Love, Baby could this be?
True Love True Love

I should be doing my homework on Calculus, but I decided to drop it since my mind isn’t working right now. I’m just reminiscin the time when I’m into A1.

Oh, and here’s the vid of Living the Dream, have found it on youtube (I’ve already mentioned it)


Mark’s my fave. That video reminds me of the time when A1 visited the Philippines, and guested on Eat Bulaga, I was a happy fan girl that time, hearing them sing Everytime. And every other philippine TV show that they are in, I’m eagerly anticipating it, even staying up late at night. (they were in Bb. Pilipinas, and i think they sang Like a Rose?) I’m feeling sad right now. huhu

here’s the vid when they’ve visited the Philippines (credits to triolav on youtube):