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Tadaima! Everyone, I’m so sorry for not posting episode summaries for the past 2 weeks. Again, school stuff. Ahaha. Okay, I’ll be doing Gokusen 3 episode 5 first.

Hmm, episode 5 mostly centers on Honjo Kengo and his relationship with his dad. This summary would not be that detailed, just the important things that have happened.


Yankumi ended the lesson early to give way to the Parent – Teacher – Conference (PTC). Class 3D were happy, and was already planning on what to do afterwards. Yankumi reminded Kuraki and Honjo that they’re appointment was on that day, the two started to complain but Yankumi said that the meeting should be a Parent – Teacher – Student Conference (PTSC), to be able to discuss their (students) future.

During the PTSC:

 1st Student – he told Yankumi that he wants to be a musician, Yankumi’s so supportive but his mom was not. The boy performed, his mom was carried away (all so happy with the “performance”) while Yankumi told herself that “he should only take it as a dream” 😛

2nd student – the boy said that he wants a high paying job (no specific job, but the salary should be high).

3rd student – Kuraki. His mom told Yankumi that she supports her son on whatever he wants to do. Kuraki told Yankumi that he wants to be a “charismatic beautician” but his mom retorted that he doesn’t have a skill, he then said that he wants to be a charismatic shopkeeper but his mom also butted in, then he suggested that he wants to be a charismatic chef, and yet again his mom disagreed (can you get the logic, hehe)

4th student – Honjo. His dad arrived late. We’re also to learn that Honjo’s dad runs a tofu shop. After some chatting, he and his dad has gotten into an argument regarding Honjo’s refusal to run the shop for he doesn’t want to stoop so low for just a 100 or 200 yen. An argument followed again but Yankumi realized that Honjo and his Dad’s alike (wee, I like Honjo’s dad, so funny)

Will be skipping parts : basically it’s about Yankumi partying (well not the party that you’re thinking) with her co – teachers + Sawatari Kyoto + Natsume + Tetsu and Minoru (haha, so so funny, plus Minoru being compared to a chow chow named Lucky), and Ren and the guys’ accidental meeting with Kuma, and learning their connection with Yankumi. J And one of the most crucial part is when Honjo steals some money from his father.

Yankumi received a phonecall from Natsume telling her that Honjo’s father is in the hospital. She and Honjo rushed in there. It appears that his father has felt dizziness, probably from hypertension. He was advised to stay in the hospital for a few days. His dad started to complain but Honjo said that he should just rest.

At home Honjo received a call from his dad, telling him to deposit the money on the drawer (amounting to 300, 000 yen). It was where Honjo stole some money. He then asked his dad what will happen if he wasn’t able to deposit it, his dad replied that the shop will have to close. After hanging up, Honjo checked the money, it was lacking 50 000 yen. He called Yamato and told him that he isn’t going to school because he has to work in a part time job (needs to earn 50 K in a week), and also he told them to not tell Yankumi about it.

Yamato and the rest have contemplated on Honjo’s problem and they have come up with a conclusion that Honjo’s in a big financial problem that may lead him to drop out of school. Immediately, they told it to Class 3D and they asked for some donations. After seeing all the money, they have known that it isn’t of great help. They launched : OPERATION SAVE HONJO WITH PART TIME JOBS, and take note they even said “Fight oh!”.

3D’s part time job

1st group: singing in the street. Could you just imagine 3D singing good?? The result : thry have managed to get a few coins

2nd group: washing the dishes. HAHA, I know you have an idea what happened, they have ended up arguing. The result: have broken some dishes and was immediately fired.

3rd group: Carrying the cargo. They thought at first it was an easy job but after seeing the amount that they have to transfer, they were disheartened.

4th group (w/ ren and yamato): giving away advertisement. However no one’s taking them so they just planned to throw it all away, but Yankumi arrived. :))

While Honjo is looking for a job, a car stopped by his side, and he was surprised to see Narita – sempai (may be a senpai at school). They talked, Narita told him that he is in the loan business and he’s willing to lend him 50, 000. He readily gives him the money, and Honjo’s overwhelmed, Narita then asked him to sign a contract, which he did.

On his way home, Honjo was shocked to see Yankumi with the boys. Honjo told them the truth that he stole his dad’s money and the money that he borrowed. Yankumi was infuriated. She told him that he’s done the wrong thing (borrowing the money) that he should first apologize to his dad and it isn’t right to steal money. And that he’s dad is doing all his might for the sake of him (even bowing down for a 100/200 yen). Honjo ran away.

At home, Honjo reflected the things about his dad. He received a call from his otousan, reminding him of things to do (tofu stuff) and that he’s counting on him. This has made Honjo cry. He arrived at the conclusion to return the money to Narita, as he made his way outside, he was greeted by his friends. They told him that he shouldn’t go alone to Narita because from what they’ve heard, he’s not a good person.

As they made their way to the warehouse, Kuma saw them and he called Yankumi.

At the warehouse, Honjo handed Narita the money, but Narita told him that the amount stated in the contract isn’t 50 000 but 500, 000 yen. Honjo said that that amount isn’t written there when he signed it, Narita just laughed it off. Yamato told Honjo that he shouldn’t just pay it. As they made their way out, they were blocked by Narita’s man. They were badly beaten up when Yankumi arrived. And as usual, a fight scene followed (I wouldn’t narrate it, ‘coz I know you know how it goes, ^^)

After the fight, Yankumi received (again) a call from Natsume sensei telling her that Honjo’s dad has escaped the hospital. Honjo said that there’s only one place where his dad will be. When they’ve arrived at the shop, they’ve found his dad working. Honjo told him to not work because he’s still weak. By that time all of Class 3D has arrived at the scene, Yankumi told them that the scene before them is the real example of work. Honjo finally told his dad about the money that he stole. Instead of scolding him, he just told him to help him with the work (what a nice father, ^_^). Class 3D has helped with the work. And Sawatari arrived scolding Yankumi, which made her ran away (haha)

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Hehe. Sorry if I’ve skipped some parts, I think it’s of no great importance (or rather I’m just too lazy). But hope you’ve had a clear picture of what has happened. My internet connection’s being a b**tch, so I can’t dl the next two episodes, huhu. But still I’ll do my best. 😀