I’m feeling sad. I’ll tell you something that happened just a while back (an hour?).

I’ve just finished taking a bath when I’ve heard my mom talking on our terrace, the rain has just poured in, and when I came out I’ve seen a small kid. My mom was asking him questions, from eavesdropping, I’ve learned that:

* He’s supposed to be at school (their time was at 12 noon, and it was *already 11 am), but he doesn’t have an umbrella.
* He’s a grade 1 student. He lives over there (i don’t know where).
* It was his second time being stranded since school started.
* And he only has 2 pesos as his money/baon.

After hearing this, I’ve decided to go out. I stayed with the kid, I don’t want him to feel alone (my mom said that the last time he was stranded – that was friday, he cried a lot – that time he seek shelter not from our terrace but on our neighbor’s).

And you know what??? Looking at that innocent face, I can’t help but to shed a tear, it’s as if I wanted to cry, I really pity the boy. What made me even sad is the fact that he only has 2 pesos for his money, and he was holding on to the coins as if it was his life.

What can a 2 peso coin buy? 3 pieces of candy?? Will that even satiate his needs? For my case my baon/money is 200 pesos a day, and I even find it lacking but the boy, uwaaaa T____T. This has made me realize that I’m so lucky, even though my family isn’t that well off but at least I’ve got to live comfortably.

I’m already 18 years old but I’m still dependent on my parents, where as the kid who’s only 6 years old goes/walks to school alone (the school is a 10-15 minutes walking distance).

I asked him his name – Mikee was his reply. I also asked his age – “anim (six)” he answered.

The rain continued on for about 30 – 40 minutes, and then it temporarily stopped. Armed only with a cap, his school bag, he decided to go to school. As I watched his retreating figure, I’ve felt that in those brief moments that we have shared together, he has touched a part of my heart.:D

Then after sometime the rain started again. I wonder how the kid is faring. I hope he has arrived in school safely.

[Editor’s Note]

I know that this blog is supposed to be purely entertainment, but then, I can’t help but to share with you my experience.