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6/12/08 – 10:05 pm

Just finished watching SUMMARY OF JOHNNY’s WORLD. Currently sitting on top of my bed while my roommates are fast asleep. Don’t have an internet connection here, but I just felt awake.

JEEZ. JIN you’re so hoooot. Oh my, my fan girl spirit is awaken from its deep slumber. JINNNN!! and also JUNNO! waaaaa, I’m still on a high, and I can’t sleep. Still has a class tomorrow. But JIN!! wahaha, see I told you.

Jin’s sexy and hot. I don’t know which part of him is sexy but evertime I see him, gyassshhh, jin=sexy. And he’s still young on this (Summary), he’s way hotter now but why am I just attracted to him now?

I tend to change my crushes frequently, haha, before Jin I was into Takki. haha. Anyway Ryo isn’t present in the concert, too bad. 😦 Maybe that’s the reason why my eyes are all on Jin. LOL.

time check : 10:14 pm – gotta sleep, hope I dream of him. haha. My class would be starting at 8:30 tom. 🙂