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Hmm, a bad takki. Takki/Tatsuya reminds me of Takuya’s role in A Million Stars Falling from the Sky.


An adaptation of Ishihara Shintaro’s most successful novel.

Hideaki Takizawa in the starring role of Tatsuya, a tormented college student who was once an all-around nice guy but now seems to be balancing a gigantic grudge on his shoulder. What the grudge is has yet to be revealed, although it likely has something to do with his father and the poverty that plagues his life.

For some unknown reason, he has taken to hanging around with the richest kid in school, basically a trusting, nice guy who Tatsuya is out to destroy. He feels an uncontrollable urge to deface the rich kid’s new car and chase after his fiance. Complicating the plot further is Tatsuya’s run-in with a young composer and pianist, who has a limp sustained in a car accident many years before. She, too, is rich, although Tatsuya does not know it yet. Stuck in a stifling home environment with her pianist mother who disdains her desire to compose, the obedient young woman begins to change after a chance meeting with Tatsuya, while he seems to regain some of his humanity in his interaction with her. (credits: DramaWiki)

My Review

Second takki series. 😀 What’s so takkifully good about this? I know fan girls are all so happy seeing him topless and wet(most of the times), plus his hair color is black. ahahaha.

Storywise, it’s okay. But not that great as compared to Majo no Jouken, I don’t know but maybe it’s because of Tatsuya (takki) being manipulative and mean. At first it was tolerable but I would like to see Tatsuya change. The story’s full of angst and revenge, you’ll only have a small glimpse of happy moments.

As for the characters, they all have their contribution, but I’m so fond of Kouhei, ahahaha, he’s so funny, he’s the one who somehow ease the tension that is surrounding the story. Another is Tamiya, the ever loyal helper of Eiko’s mom, I’m not fond of her, I’m annoyed really, but it’s so hilarious the way she’s obsess with Eiko’s mom. Eiko’s pretty and innocent. Hmm, as for Tatsuya — kjdfjhsjdhfjdhfkjhdj. wahahaha. :))

Spoiler alert: sad ending. Why does it have to end that way, arggh. It’s a lesson perhaps – you can’t get any good things out of revenge.

School’s gotta start two days from now and so I think this would be the last series that I’ll watch. huhu T_T