Everyone I’m sorry. All my episode summaries will be put on hold.

Two days from now, school’s gotta start.

What’s the big deal? FYI, it takes me 3 hours to go to my university, so my only option is to live in a dormitory, but then I’ll be living in a boarding house with a good friend of mine.

Living in a boarding house means: I’ll be away from home for about 4-5 days, and there would be no internet connection. Also since I’ve spent my summer watching Jdramas (finished about 20 of them), I swear to myself that I’ll study hard from now on.

But don’t worry, I would still be making episode summaries of Jdramas, but then it would surely take time. As you can see the only time I can dl the episodes is when I’m at home, and that would be most likely only two days, and I can only dl two episodes on that period of time (since I’m dling it from a torrent, and sometimes there aren’t that many seeders).

I’ve already dl-ed Zettai Kareshi episode 7, Vampire Knight episode 9, Last Friends Episode 6, episode 7 is on the process of dl-ing, while Gokusen 3 episode 5 isn’t even out yet.

Summaries of the above episodes would be up by Saturday (at the very least, but I can’t promise it). Please be patient, school s*cks. arggghhh. I wouldn’t be that active anymore, will only be available on the weekends. 😦