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wahaha. Okay I’ll show you how my desktop looks like.

Can you guess who’s my wallie? Isn’t he hot? I’m not even that big of a fan of his, but who can resist such oozing hotness? And can you spot other 2 JE guys on my desktop? (there’s a total of 3 including my wallie guy)The first one to guess correctly have a special prize, lol, or rather I’ll grant you a request (given that I CAN do it, and is over my power)

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What are you waiting for?

[Editor’s Note]

Sorry for the sudden topic, I would just like to do something while waiting for my downloads to finish. If you live in the same country as I am, it’s more advantageous for you to answer my question, who knows, maybe I can give you a copy of a series? nyahahah. I’m feeling generous as of the moment. 😀 The answer’s so easssssssyyyyy