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Wow. Takki, you surprised me. I LOVE this Jdrama. I love you Takki. 🙂


A love between a student and a teacher, you should not be surprised since it’s implied in the title.

The story’s about Michi (Matsushima Nanako) a 26 year old Math teacher who seems to have a pretty satisfying life, when her boyfriend proposed to her, she accept it, though she is not quite sure if she’s ready.

One day, when she was crossing the street, she was almost hit by a motorcycle driven by Hikaru (Takizawa Hideaki). It turns out that the 17 year old Hikaru is a transferee on the school Michi teaches in and is said to be a delinquent. Michi has became Hikaru’s homeroom teacher, and as fate dictate, they started to understand each other, sharing almost the “same kind of sentiment”. And thus, this started the “bond” that has the world against them.

How will they face the prejudices of the society? Will they be able to survive it? Will love conquer all? Will they be able to go to a world of freedom?

My Review

I love this drama, though some may doubt that this is of any good but the story’s well done. Call me crazy for adoring a teacher – student relationship but Hikaru and Michi’s relationship is great. This is quite controversial seeing that society hasn’t yet accepted “that” kind of affair.

My first Takki series ever. The first time I’ve seen him in MnJ (episode 1 of course) – I can’t take my eyes off him. My heart’s going “badump badump”. He’s so gorgeous, okay I’m addicted to him. Everytime he’s on the screen, I would have this “fan girl” syndrome, screaming, throwing fits, etc. He’s so young when he’s done this (17), he and Nanako has such a great chemistry.

The story’s so touching, and heartfelt. Some of the parts has weirded me out, but that’s kinda expected since theirs is not a normal relationship, and the age gap o.O. But But But I still love Majo no Jouken, there’s no doubt about that.

The song (First Love by Utada Hikaru) is perfect as well. Everytime the opening credits came, waaa, I fell instantly inlove with MnJ. The scene where in Takki runs along the shore and the one where he was under the rain ~ can anybody be as gorgeous as him? And Nanako’s so pretty as well and a great actress. 🙂

Hmm, just a while ago I’ve done some researching on MnJ, and I was surprised to see so many interpretations about it. Aside for Forbidden Love another translation of Majo No Jouken is the Witch’s Requirement. Pretty weird right? Based on what I’ve read, Nanako can be considered as the witch, since like it she was condemned by the society for falling inlove with Hikaru who’s a minor and worst of all her student. Another symbolism is the chain (opening credits), in episodes 1-10 the two were binded by it, but come the end they were freed from it. So it seems that they have somehow achieve the world of freedom. There is also the cross (i think it has some kind of meaning) Another is the painting about the “original sin” the one about Eve eating the “forbidden fruit”. SEE? MnJ story isn’t that simple, it has an amazingly exceptional plot.

And the end, hmm, this might spoil you, but I was really convinced that she has awoken, but others say that it may have been a dream which may also be true, since I’m still curious why Hikaru just slept when she woke up, but well it maybe because he thought he was dreaming so he just enjoyed the moment together by her side. Ahh this has kept me thinking.

Why have I watched this? It’s pretty funny. While I was watching Stand Up! there’s a portion there where they kinda showed a spoof of Majo no Jouken, with Nino and the teacher in the library sleeping together (wahahahahaha), and it was accompanied by Utada’s first love, I was really laughing hard at that part but at the same time, I fell inlove with the song, so that urged me to try this, which I am happy because I’ve known Takki well enough. 🙂

[Editor’s Note]

This is the fulfillment of my shinkumi dream. 😀 As for the summaries of the episodes, I’ve found a site who has one, but I’ll still maake my own summaries, hope you’ll be patient]