Well. Almost since it’s still running. But I’ve finished up to the latest chapter (which is chapter 40).

I’ve started reading this a month back, but since I’ve been preoccupied with watching japanese doramas, I stopped. And just yesterday, I’ve resumed it and now I’m done. wahahaha.

This is the first manga that I’ve read from the first chapter up to the last, I’m reading ouran too but since I’ve started where the anime left off, hahaha. I’ll stop my narrating.

If you want to read the manga, go to onemanga.com, I know most of you already know about it.

Things that I’ve been thinking after reading the manga (SPOILER ALERT):

I still love Kaname most but I find his dad more hotter than him, but he’s dead so I’m still a Kaname fangirl (oopss sorry for the outburst).

The story’s at its climax, waaa I hate Rido, he’s like the voldemort of this story.

Hmm, how I wished Kaname will be the one finishing Rido off, because for me he’s the MOST powerful vampire ever, but then it seems like Zero’s the one who’ll be the savior (huhu, noooo, Kaname must be it)

And please let Kaname and Yuuki end up with each other.

Till then, just want to congratulate myself on finishing the manga. :))