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Mahal ko na si Takki (i already love Takki)

Don’t ask me why. I do not even know myself. Gyaaa, my heart’s going doki doki everytime I see him. I’m watching Majo no Jouken now, and omg, I think I’m going nuts.


blame him ———->>>

And just like what sis Cindy told me: “Grabe ka naman mainlove” – Basis: The first time I laid my eyes on him (for a longer time, not just in pictures) I already know that I’m inlove, and the feeling’s getting stronger by the minute! And it was just like 4 days ago that I’ve seen him on a drama (it was just a peek). lol

Though I prefer him when he was younger, pero mahal pa din kita! wahaha (fan girl uproar)