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mirika’s usual blabbering (bec. I love to talk):

haha. before I give you Vampire Knight’s eighth episode, here am I again. haha. This is supposed to be finished yesterday but when I was in the middle of watching, a very good friend of mine visited me and we’ve chatted for about 5 hours?? we end up at around 10:30 pm (you should blame her for the delay, nyahaha, after our talk I was so exhausted that I slept). I was just joking, I love you my friend. 🙂

Without further ado, here’s the summary, and btw I have to watch this episode twice to absorb the story better, and Im reading the manga (you better stop me bec. I’ll be spamming this post) lol:

Scene opened with Kaname on a couch thinking of Yuuki and the past events. Zero’s also thinking of what Kaname said to him last time (the thing about him living because of Yuuki) and Yuuki’s thinking of Kaname and Zero. (sheez such complicated minds)

Ichijou tried to knock on Kaname’s room but there was no response. Understanding that Kaname might want to be alone, he stopped, when he turned around he was surprised to see the night class (not all of them, just the main ones). Like him, they were also worried for Kaname. Just then the maid arrived holding all of Ichijou’s requested books and a form for Kaname to sign. Ichijou asked what form it is. It’s an application form for the guest room – after seeing the name, he was shoooockkkkkeedddd – it was his grandpa.

They’ve talked about his grandpa. From it, we’ll come to learn that his grandpa is great and at the same time scary. His grandpa is considered as one of the top vampires in their world. Also he is one of the most senior member of the council of ancients (highest body of command). That night, you can feel the uneasiness surrounding the walls of Moon Dormitory. The students are all anticipating the arrival of Ichijou’s grandpa and at the same time wondering how scary will he be. Shiki commented that who’ll be more terrifying, the grandpa or Kaname? (kaname of course, wahaha).

Then, surprisingly Kaname emerged from the stairs. He told them that he just wants to greet Ichijou-san (I’ll be using san to distinguish him from Ichijou). Ichijou – san arrived (with the smoke effect, lol). He told them that he’s there to see his grandchild. He and Kaname exchanged greetings. Ichijou – san said that it was the first time he sees Kaname after he rejected him as his guradian (way to go kaname!). It was obvious that Ichijou – san wanted a taste of Kaname’s blood (he even said it himself). Ruka grabbed Kaname, while Aido stopped Ichijou – san. Aido told him that it is the greatest taboo to drink blood from a pure blood and he isn’t afraid of him (wow, I’m loving Aido’s bravery). But then Kaname slapped him. awww..

The next scene showed Kaname in his room and Ruka outside, Kaname asked her how long is she going to stay outside. They talked (too lazy to narrate it). And Ruka offered her blood to Kaname to ease his hunger, Kaname gently declined and told her that she should not worry too much.

Once outside, Ruka sees Kain. She told him what happened and what her feelings are for Kaname. She also said that Kaname drinking her blood was only her wishful thinking, and the only time Kaname ever want to drink her blood was during the first day. (sidenote: vampires let someone drink their blood to be able to fill the emptiness in the drinkers heart).

NOTE: I will be skipping parts again (events like Ichijou san reminding Ichijou to watch kaname, which he refused bec. they’re “friends”, etc.)

Chairman Cross informed Zero about the mission that he needs to complete. The Hunter’s Association has asked him to track down a Level E Vampire, and that this serves as a “test” to him. Yuuki sees Zero leaving and decided to follow him. She was wondering where he’s headed to since he left the school grounds.

Zero went to an abandoned house and see the Level E Vampire with a prey, he aimed his gun to him but the vampire talked about things that kinda affected Zero, therefore creating a chance for the vampire to escape.

Rima and Shiki (night class) were also sent to the same mission. There they’ve found Yuuki. Yuuki then stomped off to the house but halted after seeing the vampire. Shiki placed himself before her and unleashed his powers (his blood turns into whip), but the vampire was able to escape. Yuuki remembered that Zero was there and so she searched for him. BUT he was caught by the vampire. Luckily Zero came and saved her (killing the vamp. in the process).

What the do not know is a crow is watching the whole scene. The crow belongs to a vampire girl, and by the looks of it she was happy to see Zero grown to be a fine lad. The episode ended with the girl laughing and telling that she will attend “that” school.

[Editor’s Note]

Yey, waw, it’s pretty evident that I love to talk. haha. Again sorry for the delay.

I am doubting if I should continue making the summary of vampire Knight since it looks like many people are also doing the summary. As far as the stats looks, there are many of you reading mine, but I don’t know if you’re satisfied.

Just like what I did with the summary of the other shows that I’ve written, I guess I would need a comment (yeah one would do, what are you waiting for, haha) from you guys, telling me if you would want to see me summarizing the next episodes. Here I am again, it’s time consuming making the summary and also school’s about to start in less than two weeks, so I’ll be busy – so please do send me your feedbacks (it wouldn’t hurt to leave one), okay? Arigatou. 😀