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As promised, here’s the summary of episode 6 of Zettai Kareshi (I told you, all I needed is a comment to convince me to do this), be thankful to the person who commented on my last post about ZK (lol):

Night, having been saved Mika from the falling billboard (and injuring his wrist at the same time), has his wrist fixed. Namikiri (night’s creator) also decided to have him under surveilance for the day. (this isn’t that important, just felt like mentioning it.) They’ve also planted a recording device on Night’s head to check on his state any time.

Back in the office, it is evident that Riiko’s being aware of Soshi’s presence (does this mean she have feelings for him, naawwwww!, masaka!)

When Riiko arrived at home she was surprised to see it decorated with “party things”. What’s more shocking is to see Night eagerly waiting for her wearing nothing but an apron (a pink one). Night said that it is to celebrate their reunion, Riiko said that they’ve only been apart for a day (wahaha, night’s so sweet, ne?)

Back at the laboratory, Namikiri was perplexed to analyze what’s going on on Night’s head. From the recording device, he has found out that Night’s becoming more of a real person, night’s trying to contemplate on the events that has happened on the past (so a robot shouldn’t think of past events?), i.e, the thing with Soshi and Riiko.

Riiko’s phone rang. It was her mom checking on her, her mom also told her that they will visit her. Then the bell rang. Her parents find her alone, her father said that he need to use the bathroom (making Riiko nervous). When her father entered the room, there was no one and when he looked up, he saw Night holding on to the ceiling (so so funny).

Naturally, Riiko’s parents questioned her about Night (background: Night’s showing his muscles while smiling big). Her mother was completely mesmerized by Night’s personality (looks??) and her dad was annoyed at him (haha) even to the point of calling him STRING BEANS (i was laughing at that one, ^^). Anyway, that night, Night was ordered to stay at Fujiko’s place. There he asked Fujiko stuff about father – daughter relationship, etc. (it left him with the though that he should please her father)

In the office, Riiko dropped her lunch, and as Soshi tries to help her, she then again became conscious of him. Night arrived holding 2 boxes of carrots, he was accompanied ny Riiko’s parents (much to her surprise). They said that they only try to see what her workplace looks like. They’ve noticed Soshi (and was polite to him since he’s corporate looking – my opinion) and decided to give him the two boxes of carrots. 🙂

NOTE: I would be skipping parts here (includes scene with Mika and Night, Night and Soshi)

Namikiri found out that Night may suffer (or is already suffering) from system overload from the awakening of his ego! (nooo! I think this would be the turning point of the story).

Riiko’s family, together with Night, have a dinner at home, however it didn’t turn out nice. She and her father have an argument which leads to Riiko leaving her house (Night tailing after her). Night ended up in Fujiko’s Club (and there he came up with the idea to fix the relationship bet. Riiko and her dad) while Riiko went to the office.

The next day, Night invited Riiko’s family to come with him in the kiddy land (sort of an amusement part). His motive is to let Riiko and her father have their quality time together. It didn’t turn out well, with her father falling off the boat, their family picture being not so nice and lastly it ended with an argument between the two of them and even lead to the picture being torn and Riiko, yet again walking out. (after this part we get to see Night running after Riiko and saying things like he’s srict bec. he loves her, etc.)

Riiko received a call from Soshi. She immediately went to the office, and there Soshi told her that she should participate in the upcoming Pastry Competition (I’ve forgot to mention it but she mentioned it once to him), as expected she was puzzled, but then the two of them started experimenting on something (pastry stuff, don’t have an idea) with the carrots as the main ingredients, she then sort of almost fainted, she explained that she was lacking sleep. THEN Soshi hugged her (this is sort of fast forward, it happened in the end of the episode, haha). o.O While that was happening, Night stayed up all night searching all over the place for the pieces of the picture (waaa, I’m touched by what he did).

Riiko received an email from her mom telling her that they will leave, she hurriedly went to the Bus station to see them off. It was kind of awkward but Night suddenly arrived looking dirty (with leaves on his hair) and he handed the picture (already glued up) to Riiko’s dad. Her parents seemed pleased (yatta!). Finally Riiko has something nice to say to her father. 🙂 After that scene, Night told Riiko that they should go on a date, she said that he should first clean himself (which he obediently follows.)

Night was preparing to go to Riiko’s workplace when Namikiri appeared at his frontsteps. Namikiri told him that he will take him to her. I’ve forgotten to tell you that Namikiri’s boss has found out about Night’s free will, so now Namikiri’s faced with two options: to either fix Night or to have him scrapped.

[Editor’s Note]

That summed up the sixth episode of ZK. As I’ve told you, I’ve skipped some parts, oh well. And I’m sorry if my english isn’t that great and I’ve repeated some words all over again (may sound bad to the ears), truth is I’ve almost run out of words to say, haha, I think I need to strengthen my vocabulary.

And one last thing : if you’re satisfied by my summary, please do comment. It would be really helpful, I admit if I see one, it urges me to continue on. HAHA, enough of my pleasures. Hope to see you again soon! The next subbed episode would come out I think 5-6 days from now? JA!