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The newest Takuya Kimura drama. If you want to know the synopsis go to dramawiki.

I’ve just finished watching the first episode (and on the process of dl-ing the second one but it’s so big, 700 mb). I don’t know if I should do the summary of this series, but if ever I get requests/comments that you would want it (what are you waiting for, it’s just a comment away) I would do it. haha

I’m at a little lost at episode 1 since it mostly talks about politics, prime minister, diet, election, etc. It’s full of technical terms but somehow the gist of it is still understandable. And if I would base my rating of this on the first episode, I guess this is good, no boring parts as of the moment. And I just adore the tandem between KimuTaku and Fukatsu Eri, liked them best in A Million Stars Falling from the Sky.

Anyway, here’s some screencaps I’ve made, nothing much, but you get to see KimuTaku’s curly hair. (mojakura. ^^)