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Finally, I’ve found a time to watch Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) episodes 3-5. Hmmm, I won’t give a detailed summary of what happened just a brief overview – because it seems like no one’s bothered to read my post (huhu) – haha just joking. If you would want to have it summarized with screen caps, just leave a comment, okay? And by the way this is my first time doing the summary of ZK, it will start on episode 3 (you should familiarize yourself to the story to catch up).

Here’s what happened (will just be phrases):

Riiko’s colleagues decided to go to a trip (to the osen i think). Night placed himself in the compartment of a bus. As expected Night always follows Riiko around. Riiko found out that Soushi’s got a problem so she hurried back to the office. Mika went to Night’s room and she kissed him, which Riiko sees. It turned out that if a lady kisses Night, he would be rebooted and he’ll treat the one that kissed him his girlfriend. Therefore, Night had forgotten all about Riiko and he now follows Mika relentlessly. Night’s creator told Riiko that she should kiss Night to be able to get him back, Riiko though hesitants tried but it turned out that Mika’s liking Night so she decided to let Mika have her. However an incident happened, a fire broke up and night’s trapped but he doesn’t want to leave because his waiting for Mika, luckily Riiko arrived and kissed him so that he’ll be reformatted.

However much to the creator’s surprise, Night’s memory of Riiko wasn’t erased. I’ll be skipping parts now, episode 5 revealed that Night has his own will, meaning he already thinks for himself and he has an emotion of his own, he’s more like of a true human being now.


Sorry for the hazy summary, at least you have an idea what happened. If you want to have a detailed one, remember to comment, okie? ‘coz I don’t know if it’s worth my time doing this, I’m doing summaries for Gokusen 3 and Vampire Knight, it takes time.