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Kim Sun Ah and Gong Yoo = <3. But I prefer Hyun Bin (hahaha).


Stephen Chow’s Fight Back to School, re-set it in an all-girl’s school in Korea, and add a sexy female protagonist, and you’ll have some idea of what writer/director Park Kwang-choon (Madeleine)has in store for you in his entertaining action comedy, She’s On Duty! Kim Seon-ah (S Diary, Wet Dreams) plays a female detective who has to go deep undercover as a high schooler in order to thwart a plot by the Japanese Yakuza to traffic teenage girls as sex slaves! Not content to save just the girls from a life of prostitution, Kim’s character even lends a hand in squashing in-school violence, giving a performance that has earned raves from nostalgic audiences longing for the “good ol’ days” of high school. Also featuring performances by Gong Yoo (My Tutor Friend), Nam Sang-mi (Too Beautiful to Lie), and Park Sang-myeon (My Wife is a Gangster), She’s On Duty is one film that goes straight to the head of the class! (credits: crunchyroll)

My Review

Tae, I love this movie. More of I adore this movie. This is so good. You should try this (if ever you haven’t).

Wahahaha, if my favorite Japanese Actress is Ueno Juri, her counterpart in Korea is Kim Sun Ah (Kim Sam Soon). Oh my gulay, I love Sun Ah’s personality and acting skills, she’s so funny. 😀 First loved her on my lovely sam soon. In this film she has made me laugh like hell. Way to go Sun Ah. 🙂

Gong Yoo. Sheez. Oh he’s hot, I admit, he’s irresistible  He and Sun Ah have great on-screen chemistry (though I’m still a sun ah – hyun bin shipper). Though he looks young on this movie, but, but he’s still GONG YOOOOOO!!!

I rate this a 10/10. There’s definitely no boring parts. Not more on the romance but more of an action movie, if you’d like to see some good kick ass movie, see this. And also you’re in for a laugh trip. weeee, one of my favorite korean movies as of now. =)