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Summary Time, though I would skip a lot of parts, will include only the important parts. 😀 This is my first time to post a summary of Last Friends, and I’d be starting on episode 5.

Last Friends Episode 5:

Just a preview of what happened on episode 4.

Michiru decided to leave Sousuke and she stayed at Ruka’s place. They tried to hide her from Sousuke but he soon found out the place. He stayed outside the whole night while it’s raining.

The following morning, Michiru volunteered to throw the garbage (instead of Ruka). She then sees Sousuke in a corner dripping wet. She decided to take him home while phoning Ruka that she decided to go to her work (of course Ruka knew that she was with Sousuke, she had seen them outside).

While at Sousuke’s house, Michiru took care of him, then she told him that she’d leave, he said that please don’t. She answered that it would be impossible unless he would change his attitude, that he would not wait for him at work, wouldn’t be stalking her friends, etc.

Michiru went to her workplace, she pleaded to her boss to accept her again. Again, uneasiness swept over her thinking that Sousuke might be there. As she was about to go home, she was shocked to see Takeru (thought it was Sousuke), Takeru told her that Ruka asked him to bring her to Ruka’s house because they would have a party.

After the dinner, Michiru decided to stay behind, she and Ruka chatted, she asked her if she has someone she liked, Ruka answered yes, and it has last a long time, Michiru tried to question her more but she evaded it. On the other hand, when Takeru arrived home, he has found Eri drinking, Eri tried to kiss him, but he break free of her.

Michiru was worried of Sousuke, she tried to phone his work but she found out that he was absent because he’s sick. She went to his house, and there he was in his bed, she tried to feed him, he said that he would not let her go, and then he grabbed her and sort of raped her. o.O

This episode also showed Ruka going to a counselor. It was from here that we’ll learn that she maybe suffering from an identity disorder. She said that she doesn’t like her body, she doesn’t like to see her sides that shows her femininity, that she doesn’t like to wear skirts, and she only sees boys as friends.

The day when Ruka was racing arrived, Michiru and the others were there to support her, on the middle of things, Michiru’s cellphone started ringing. Oikawa Sousuke – it reads. She tried to ignore it but he was persistent. He ask Michiru to come but she declined, he said that she would regret it but she replied that he’s being selfish and that she was watching Ruka’s important race.

Ruka won. As they were celebrating at the club, Michiru got another call from Sousuke, she said that she will come but he told her that it isn’t necessary for he would kill his self. Michiru hurriedly went out of the club but Ruka stopped her telling her that she should be strong. Michiru told her that she isn’t that strong as compared to her, Ruka’s much tougher than her, etc. And then she left. Takeru tried to comfort Ruka but he was shooed of. The episode ended with a scene of Sousuke holding a knife and aiming it for his wrist. 😦

[Editor’s Note]
I have to stop myself from the anger that I’m feeling. Michiru’s so stupid, arrgggh, I’m really annoyed by her character. She’s only hurting Ruka :(. Ruka’s my most favorite character here. And as for Sousuke, I love Ryo but I hate Sousuke, gyaaa this jdrama’s really arousing my curiosity. =))