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Gomen ne, have only watched episode 4 now, I’ve had this for like 2 days ago, but I’m busy with watching other stuff. Enough of that, here’s the summary.

The scene opened up with Yankumi in the teachers lounge, Vice Principal Sawatari was telling the teachers that it was “Elimination Delinquency Campaign” Week. So, teachers would patrol the streets at night and make sure that no students are out. Again, Yankumi’s the target of Sawatari’s words, and as always, Yankumi objected that her students are fine. 😀

Class 3D were talking on where to go (guy stuff), and yankumi butted in. The guys were shocked and asked her where did she come from, she answered that from the back, they were planning to play tricks on her (they placed chalked dust on the top of the front door, so that when she opened it, you know what). Much to their shock, a lady opened the door (and the chalk fell on her). Having a lady appeared on Class 3D caused quite a ruckus, then Ren who’s sleeping, awaken and was perplexed when he saw his onee chan (sister).

Ren, his sister and Yankumi continued their talk on the faculty room (of course with the rest of 3D eavesdropping). From the talk Yankumi learned that she (sister) works as a dentist’s assistant by day and a hostess at night. Sawatari arrived, Sara (ren’s sister) and he knows each other (a regular at her club).

The real reason on why Sara came is to ask Ren if he’s working part time. Ren answered yes, so that he could live on his own, Sara disagreed, Sawatari said that it’s not allowed for students to have part time jobs, and that again ignited a sort of clash between him and Sawatari. lol

I’m going to skip some parts. It isn’t that important.

The teachers were patrolling and they’ve almost caught some of 3D’s students. Meanwhile Tetsu and Minoru were walking when they saw Ren entered a host club, they immediately reported this to Yankumi. The following morning Yankumi sees Ren and ask him if he was really working at a host club. He said no, what they didn’t know is that Kengo and Shunsuke (3D) overheard that and as usual told it to Yamato and the rest.

Yankumi bothered by Ren decided to have her “host club infiltration” plan (together with her 2 female colleagues). That night, they went to the club, but weren’t able to see a glimpse of Ren. Yankumi thinking that Ren working in the club is a mistake prepares to go home. Her attention were caught when she saw five boys and it turned out it’s Yamato and the rest. They were interrupted when they’ve heard the name of Ren being mentioned, and as they look they saw Ren washing the dishes (after that Ren was dismissed  from his job because it turned out he faked his age).

Ren was at a place when 2 policemen approached him, they were asking him what he’s doing there when he knows that it’s “elimination delinquency week”. They’ve had a heated argument telling Ren hurtful words and when they talked about Ren being a burden to his sister, that’s when he snapped and punch one of the policeman. He was taken into the station, Yankumi and Sara arrived. (talk + etc, not going to elaborate on it more)

At school the next day, Yankumi, Ren and Sara went up to see Sawatari and the Chairman. The chairman said that Ren should be prepared for a severe punishment since this is the second time that he’s involved in a case. Sara asked for the chairman not to expel Ren, she also asked Ren to bow down and ask for the chairman’s forgiveness. But he said that he don’t care if he’d expelled and he will never bow down to a teacher. He ran away.

Yankumi, Sara and 3D (the five of them) all went out to search for Ren. Yamato then told Yankumi that although Ren doesn’t seem to care for his sister that much but he truly is. It’s just that Ren sees himself a burden to his sister’s happiness for Sara once had a fiance but when she heard that he can’t take care of her brother, she broke up with him. That was when Ren started to consider living alone.

Ren was in a bad mood, he kicked a garbaged can, and it landed on a scary looking man (accompanied by 2 others). They ganged him up and beat him, Sara saw what happened and tried to help him but she too was harmed. Gladly Yankumi arrived on time and was abe to scare the men. Yamato and the others have arrived too. Ren was still rebellious, treating his sister in a cold way. However Yankumi revealed that the reason why the police didn’t sue him is due to his sister (she begged them). Yankumi also said that he doesn’t have to worry about Sara because Sara loves him so much, and that he in turn should protect his sister.

Ren ran away, he soon arrived at Akadou Gakuen and he had come face to face with the chairman and Sawatari. He bow down and ask for the chairman’s forgiveness saying that he regretted what he have done and he wanted to graduate for his sister. The chairman (I thought of her as scary) said that he should be thankful to Sara. Hmm, and that pretty much summed up what happened to Episode 4 of gokusen 3. 😀