Taiwanese Dramas. ohhh la la. 😀

Because for the past few months I’ve been focusing my attention on Japanese Dramas (and I was able to watch 20 series in 2 months time), I’ve felt that I’ve been neglecting Taiwanese Dramas.

I’m watching Mars as of the moment (yeah I’m a loser I’m only watching it now), and I’m enjoying it.

And because of that I’ve searched on what’s the best taiwanese drama people have seen (so that I’ll have an idea what to watch next).

I’ve only seen the recent ones and the popular, however by the time I’ve read people’s suggestions, I feel my head bursting with excitement. Dang, there are so so many Taiwanese Dramas that I need to watch.

Hopefully I’d be able to watch these:

Ying Ye 3 Jia 1. Smiling Pasta. Magicians of Love. The Outsiders. Pearl Princess. Corner with Love. Fated to Love You (currently airing). Angel Lover. Prince Turned into Frog (only watched a little of it). Legend of the Star Apple. The Rose. Brown Sugar Macchiato. Sweet/Delicious Relationship.

Ok the titles above are my targets. However, since school’s gotta start  in about two weeks, I think I won’t be able to watch those, hopefully in the next few months I can finish them. :))