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I’m giving the summary. Not that detailed though. Introductions first. I’ve decided to watch Vampire Knight because of it’s genre – it centers on Vampires (as the title suggests) – since I’m still having my Twilight Fever that is.

Okay. My appologies if I’ll be starting my summary on Episode 7 (thing is I’m too lazy to rewatch and make a summary of the previous episodes). Episode 7 is more on flashbacks.


Picking up on where episode 6 left, the scene started with Zero and Yuki at the shooting range (I think that’s what it’s called). Yuki went there to check on Zero but they have gotten into an argument. Zero says that Yuki’s not comfortable with him drinking Yuki’s blood, and that he think Yuki only wants Kaname to drink her blood since they have “that same taste”. As expected Yuki got hurt and ran away.

Yuki went on a room, and there she started to think of her past.


It shows the time after Kaname saved Yuki from the vampire. Kaname went to chairman Cross’ home to ask him if he could take Yuki, chairman agreed. Yuki seems to have lost her memory, she don’t even know how to eat a pudding. As Kaname tries to feed her, Yuki saw his fangs, she touched it but immediately she got scared, remembering the vampire who almost killed her. Kaname understood, so he says that he’ll just go back to “that place”.

A week has passed, Chairman Cross decided to make Yuki her daughter, and Yuki hasn’t spoken a single  thing to him. So he decided to call Kaname (telling him that Yuki’s in trouble). Kaname came, and when he looked at Yuki she’s perfectly fine and he sees her putting on clothes (Kaname laughed hard, wahahaha). When Kaname decided to leave, Yuki grabbed him and she spoke his name.

(fast forward mode, too lazy again, will just provide screen caps) The scene now shows the arrival of Zero. Then Zero and Kaname’s first meeting. They were eating dinner when he arrived. When Zero first seen him, he knows that Kaname’s a vampire. He tried to stabbed him, but because he’s Kaname, he stopped Zero. Kaname says that he’s sorry about what happened to his family but he has no intention to be killed by him. (yay, so nice kaname!)

Chairman Cross then announced that he’ll form the Night Class, having vampires as the student. Of course Zero reacted, but Chairman retaliated that Kaname will be the one handling the Night Class so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Back to reality. Yuki was thinking about Kaname’s words, “since when did you stop telling me things?”

Flashback mode again.

Yuki decided to sneak into Moon Dormitory (for vampires) to be able to see Kaname-sama. She has fallen asleep while waiting, a vampire tries to approach her, luckily Kaname arrived. Kaname looking at Yuki’s sleeping form, almost bit her, but he stopped. He carried her in his room.

Yuki has waken up. She was surprised to know where she was, she then heard a voice (Kaname’s), as she looked she was surprised to see Kaname, with a girl (Ruka). Kaname was drinking her blood. Yuki runs away (kaname knows). – that was the night that changed everything, though one still remains – her love for Kaname.

Back to reality. Zero found the sleeping Yuki, he put a blanket on her, but he’s also tempted to bite her, he was able to control himself, then Kaname arrived telling him that they need to talk. Kaname asked him is he not wondering why his presence is being overlooked by him? Kaname said that it’s because of Yuki, he (zero) was allowed to live because of her.

[Editor’s Note]

Episode 8 will probably be release next week (wednesday perhaps). Till then. 😀 BTW, I don’t know if I’ll be enthusiastic enough to make a summary, since school’s gotta start.