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Yamapi. Nino. Shun. and Narimiya

Shou – chan or Ken Ken? Do you need to ask me that? Ken Ken of course. 😀


Four schoolboys find themselves the last virgins left at school. During the summer holidays, a girl they knew as children 11 years ago, moves back to the neighborhood. Despite their childhood attraction to her, they realize she is a mere shadow of the “princess” they all thought they knew. This story of summer – love, friendship, school, family, the hypocrisy of adults, complications of life, experience and failure is set in an everyday shopping district and shows the clumsiness of children who have developed a little later than their peers. It’s a bright romantic comedy that both young and old can appreciate. –TBS


Japan’s version of American Pie. I don’t know if that’s the case since I haven’t seen any American Pie movie (yeah, I’m such a goodie good girl that I abstain from watching shows with Adult Content).

Stand Up tackles issues that are common among teens now. The importance of virginity. For those four’s case (refer to names above), it’s rather how to lose their virginity – so that they can’t be the scorn of their peers. In short it’s all about sex.

What’s funny is how the DB4 (doutei boys 4, doutei=virgin) cope up with their lack of experience. They have done all their might just to experience THAT. But obstacles always come their way. When you think they would finally reach home base, it’d turn out that it wouldn’t.

About the characters.

You might think I’d be bias here, since I’m a Pi fan. Yeah I obviously love Yamapi in Stand Up! But putting aside my fan girl heart, I’d still choose Ken Ken (Pi). Ken Ken’s the man. I love his character, he may be a pervert but he values love above all (he’s serious, I super duper love that part of him), plus you get to see Yamapi’s crazy side. Too bad he isn’t the one….. (don’t want to spoil you)

Next would be Shou-chan (Nino). After I’ve came to know Arashi, Nino was the one that I like the most (that time, I’d try to not choose MatsuJun since Jun’s my fave). Though I like Nino but when it comes to him and Pi, Pi would be first. Okay, back to my review, I was so fond of Nino’s character. He has this side to him where in he’d act so whacky and all that you’ll also love his character. I guess I need to see more of his drama’s to appreciate him more. 🙂

Suzuki Anne. She’s one lucky girl. She isn’t that pretty but she gets to act with those boys. Not only in Stand Up but also in Ganbatte Ikimasshoi (alongside Ryo, Uchi and Junno). I envy her, that’s all. And let’s not forget our Shun Shun, haha. Shun has a butt exposure here, lol. His character more of reminds me of Uchi in Gokusen. About Narimiya, I’m not into him, but he’s also done well, however there are rumors that say he’s like Gay.

What I like most about Stand Up is how the DB4 finally realize that losing their virginity is not all that matters, what matters most is losing IT before the one you love, and people should do it because of love. Sex can wait, there is always a right time for everything. Hooray for the Purity Reservation Club! ^^

Lastly I think this is a PG 13 drama (is it?). HAHA.