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[After UL-ing the PV on youtube, I’ve just found out that they’ve pulled it out, darn youtube, grr. haha]

Credits to NewS community @ LJ. (I’ve gotten it there, then I UL-ed it on youtube.)

Oh my, I love TegoMass, more so I love their songs, and now, their newest single Ai Ai Gasa, enjoy. 😀

OHHHHH. Tego’s so handsome, cute!!! waaaaaa. W8 I love RyoPi, but Tesshi in this vid is waaaa, so adorable. Tego I love you too. 😀 Your hair color suits you. And Massu, love your smile. ;p

And before I forgot, here are some screen caps that I’ve made. (Tesshi looks provocating on the second shot, haha)