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Before anything else, I would like to thank SARS fansub for subbing this. 😀

I’m planning to give the summary of this episode (sorry if it will be a bit lame). Yay.

WARNING: If you don’t want to spoil yourself, better stop reading.

First, I would clarify one thing, I love Gokusen 1 among all the versions. haha.


If ever you’ve already seen the first two episodes, you may know that there’s a war between Yamato and Ren’s group, but you may also know that they’ve made up. 😀 And so the episode begin showing those six happily walking together. And as expected, Yankumi’s there. lol

It was then known that Akadou Gakuen’s having an intersport competition, and rugby’s the main focus of it, Yankumi, knowing that her class won’t do any good at other sport tells her students that they need only to aim for the rugby championship. As expected, class 3D isn’t a bit interested.

I know the next part may not be important but i’ll tell it anyway. HAHA, in the picture below you can see Ren and the gang, admiring the girls of Momo Gakuen, luckily Yamato’s not interested (which I think is good, since it spoils the mysteriousness of his character). In here, those guys would meet Kuma through an accident (though they haven’t talk and all, and they don’t know that Kuma’s a former student of Yankumi).

Going home, Yamato and the others bumped (Ichi, specifically) into the students of Aoshiba Gakuen (these stud. are known to be brainiacs). It was then revealed that Ichi was once a student of that school (meaning he has the brains).

Meanwhile, there was this group of teenagers who are causing havoc in the district. They covered themselves up, then they ganged up on their victims.

Another event that happened is when Ichi and Kura crossed path with Tagasuki and other Aoshiba students, Tagasuki commented that there isn’t any future in store for guys like those in 3D, Kura was annoyed to the point that he almost punched Tagasuki, but Ichi interrupted and he was the one who punched Tagasuki.

To cut the long story short (sorry my head’s really hurtin), some students of 3D were also victim to the “gang”, Ichi realized that it was Tagasuki’s group who’s behind that all, and alone he goes to them. Class 3d has known what happened and they follow him. Ichi was badly beaten up when Ren and the others arrived. Yankumi also arrived, and with her usual attitude with regards to this things, she has solved the problem. 🙂

[Editor’s note]

Sorry for the super bad summary, my head hurts so bad, and I’ve lots to do, anyway I hope you understand what I’ve narrated (even a bit). Next episode would probably be a week from now (will have to wait for the subbers to finish it).

Hmm, I kinda noticed Gokusen 3’s plot is almost the same as Season’s 1 and 2. I wish they come up with a more unique storyline. And you know what the boys in season 3 is not that good looking (in my opinion), but I can’t do anything about it, how I wish it was the NewS boys this time.