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A boxer and a nun.

Hatanaka Kousuka (Kamenashi Kazuya) is a skilled boxer, however due to his uncontrollable attachment to food, he has faced a series of defeats. One day, while he was worn out by his exercises, he was found by Sister Angela (Kuroki Meisa). Thus, the story began, Hatanaka has been inlove with Sister Angela, but how will Sister Angela react, and above all she’s a nun.

My Review

Though the story didn’t turned out that superb, OPG has it’s good points.

First, if you’re a Kame fan, I’m sure you’ll be delighted seeing him topless. haha.

Enough of that. LOL

Hmmm, the story mostly centered on boxing, and of course around Sister Angela. However at some point, the story gets tiring, I don’t know if I’m the only one who have noticed. I think it’s about the part where in Angela’s thinking of which way to go (love or service), it would be better if there’s a lot of boxing fights, more action! – to keep watchers interested.

Gladly, Kame’s to the rescue. Kame’s the one who gives life to the story, with him always screaming SISTER! plus he’s madly inlove with Sister Angela, and he’s so funny, WAHAHAHAHA. Now, I think I’m having my Kame’s good syndrome again (I like him in gokusen).

Sister Angela’s pretty but about her acting skills, it’s so so.

And Yamada’s here. lol, even if I don’t like his character, but still.

Lastly, is Kame that hyper in real life???