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Posted on May 11, 2008

First was a pilot, then a prosecutor, a chef, and now a hockey star player.

KimuTaku Round Three.

Now I know I’m addicted to Takuya Kimura, I can’t get enough of him, and his jdramas. This is serious.


Pride revolves around the ice rink. It mainly centers on the sport Ice Hockey, and of course that means Satonaka Halu (Takuya Kimura). Halu’s the captain of his hockey team, and one would say that he’s a very dedicated player. He believes that nothing is more important than this sport, even love. He isn’t serious on finding true love because for him it would only destroy his concentration. He treats love as if it was a game.

Meanwhile, Aki (Takeuchi Yuko) is an ordinary office lady who’s waiting for her long time boyfriend abroad to come back, though she knows that the chances are small, she still has her hopes up. One evening, as Halu’s team is celebrating for their victory, he and Aki’s path has crossed, after exchanging their email address, the two has met up again, from here they agreed to a contract, that for the meantime they will become “lovers” (not the way you are thinking, more of a companion) with no strings attached (since Halu’s not onto real love, and Aki’s waiting for her boyfriend).

Given the odds, will this two fall in love with each other? Will Halu realize that hockey isn’t everything, will he be able to give up his pride? And what will happen if Aki’s boyfriend shows up?

The answer: Maybe

My Review

I’ve been looking forward to watching this, and you could just imagine my temper when crunchyroll has been malfunctioning, so I’ve downloaded the series (that just came out of nowhere).

Seeing TK in this role is a bit weird, maybe I’ve gotten used to his villainous role in AMSFFTS, that I’ve found Halu not that interesting (for just some time only). At first I haven’t found anything superb in Halu’s personality, but then I guess by watching all the episodes, I’ve learned that Halu’s okay, his character was well developed. At first you can see him as this guy who is not serious about everything, and is cold blooded but as soon as he met Aki, he started to change, hmm that may sound cliche(playboy star player falling for an ordinary and simple girl), but if Takuya’s the one acting it, I guess he can pull it off, give any role to TK and I know he’ll be brilliant. That’s how great his acting skills are.

The story’s okay, the events are somehow predictable, but what interest me is on how the main leads will carry their roles. Gladly, I’m not disappointed. And good thing it doesn’t only centered on love, there’s hockey. Okay, the hockey parts were interesting, seeing those people play looks exciting. And I’m somehow affected by their determination, this is one of the benefits from watching shows like this, it gives you motivation. 😀

What I most like about Pride is its ending. I love everything about the ending. And the part about the “Ice Goddess”, very nice, so you could only see her if you’ve truly love someone and at the same time is devoted to hockey. Sorry for the spoiler, haha, but see love and sport can coexist. Again back to the ending, I was terribly screaming my heart out at that. GYAAA, that was so sweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt.

Pride is a nice drama. 😀 Plus it includes very good songs, full of Queen’s music. haha, kinda old but it suits the mood. Rating: 8.75/10 (over all), ending: 10/10

I was born to love you…”

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